Our websites pay for themselves within the first 3-5 new jobs they generate. Then it’s all profit and your website will work as an automated sales rep to help you land more jobs and grow.

Our official Google Partnered NH web design agency has spent the last 5 years quitely learning as much as we possibly can about building the most effective yet efficient websites for small businesses.

After working on over 100 websites and thousands of hours worth of research we have dialed in our winning formula. We truly believe we deliver the highest value website as this has been one of our primary goals for the past 5 years straight. Our websites are specifically sales-optimized to land you more business especially when combined with our internet marketing service.


We strive to be the perfect balance of delivering world-class internet marketing services without the big agency price tag.

Our goal is to drive the most value per dollar invested out of any online marketing company in NH. That is why our investments are solely in programs, technologies, and systems that make us more valuable to our clients.

Featured NH Web Design Projects

Recharged Business Solutions drove over 2000 tracked leads for Burton Outdoor Living through Google marketing efforts.

Jack Burton, Owner

Steep Management has had over 15 requests for online demo’s and 10 of those came within two days after our email blast. We couldn’t be more pleased with the success that Jon and his team brought us.

Bob Ackland, Managing Partner

Recharged Solutions has delivered 120 new leads over the past two seasons to Wall & Paver Guyz. These leads were people searching for someone to complete their patio or retaining wall within a 30 mile radius.

Wall & Paver Guyz

Recharged Business Solutions significantly increased the number of new calls and emails we received through our website for those looking to hire someone to move their home. These emails and calls are from throughout New England.

Geddes Building Movers

Recharged Business Solutions delivers a clean and modern website to convert more visitors into leads. After launching new site almost 6 months ago there have been 32 leads who reached out through our contact form.

All American Walls & Pavers

Invest In A Website That Ignites Your Sales.


The Ingredients Of A Successful Website.


Understanding Your Goals

The first step is for our team to fully understand your goals. Will your website be a sales tool for word of mouth leads or an actual lead generator that is optimized for maximum exposure? All our efforts are focused on accomplishing your goals.


Content Strategy

Now that we fully understand your goals, we evaluate any existing content you have and come up with a content strategy to accomplish your goals. This includes creating new content and crafting a powerful site structure that is clear for visitors.

wordpress website design responsive

Responsive Design

After understanding your goals and streamlining your content to accomplish your goals, we design your site around your best content. You can see how each step builds off each other. Your site is designed to look great on all devices in this stage.


WordPress Development

Once we have a clean and modern design it is time to start bringing your design to life through well-written and the highest quality standards of code. Our code is as clean as your website design and developed to make search engines love your site.


Performance Optimization

At this point, we have your website looking great, but looking great is only a part of what makes a website successful. Performance is even more important than pretty. That is why we then supercharge your websites speed through testing & optimizations.


Search Optimization

A website can look great and run well but unfortunately not be found online. That is why search engine optimization is so important. We make sure that not only is our code to the highest standards but it follows all of Google’s best practices for max exposure.


Advanced Analytics Setup

We believe a website is only as good as the data behind it. Setting your website up with advanced analytical goal tracking will allow us to understand what is working the best and what needs work. Better data allows us to make better decisions on your site.


Powerful Launch

Congratulations! Your website is ready to launch and all tuned up to be the most successful online. At this point, it has been roughly 6-8 weeks since we started the project and once you give the green light we will seamlessly roll your site out to be live!

Measurable Online Marketing Results

New Phone Calls

With paid internet marketing services, we can specifically track all calls generated from our efforts so we can deliver your cost per new phone call and know what’s working the best.

New Form Submissions

Some leads prefer to reach out through your websites online forms. When they do so, we track all these submissions so we can understand your cost per new lead generated via online forms.

Custom Event Tracking

Custom event tracking allows us to further understand the story behind how people interact with your site as well as track secondary goals that often contribute to your primary goals.

Estimating Your Return

We estimate your sales closing percentage, average revenue per sale, and average lifetime value per new customer so we can better understand your return on investment from our services.


We Make It Easy For You

As a business owner we fully understand you don’t have much time to put into this website. We will take care of everything and update you weekly. Our web design process is streamlined to be as easy as possible for you.

How we overcome the top three biggest ‘new website’ obstacles:

Creating Content

Within one website strategy call, we will learn all we need to build quality content for your new website. Our team will gather as much existing content as we can then create new content to fill in gaps that may exist. Good content increases engagement and sales.

Nailing The Design

We use our winning formula and customize it to your brand. Our design is sales-optimized based on tens of thousands of dollars worth of conversion testing. You know exactly wwhat drives the most results on Google. You know the exact type of design we will deliver.

Good Communication

We have optimized our communication to four weekly emails updating you on our progress and preparing for your website launch. Not only is our entire web design process streamlined for efficiency and most value per dollar, but our communication is too.

What do the website packages Content Credits include?

Content Credits include graphic design time, finding/purchasing stock images, content writing/rewriting, and additional keyword research to discover new content ideas.

What if I need additional features added?

Popular additional features typically are included in your website price as long as a premium membership is not required. Custom solutions to your business specifically gets a bit more advanced.

Advanced features include building ecommerce online store, forums, online webinars, customizing plugin’s code, custom ordering forms, website automation, database projects, and API integrations. Any custom advanced WordPress development will be estimated and billed out on an hourly basis. The reason is because there are too many unforeseen variables such as different compatibility issues that result in curveballs for our team to overcome.

What if you don't have experience in my industry?

The way we approach new industries is diving in head first and doing a lot of research. Whether we have driven results or not in your industry we make sure to understand your industry and identify the best opportunities. If you are our first for a new industry you can expect quite a bit of extra time put into your project for FREE.

Who owns the website and content?

You own the website and content that we deliver to you upon final payment. If final payment is still pending then we are the owners of both the website and content produced for your new site. Many marketing companies don’t let you own your website and content so beware!

What about on-going web maintenance & support?

Your website has many moving parts just like a vehicle does. How would your vehicle do if you never maintained it? It would lose its value pretty fast right? This is no different than a website. Proactive web maintenance keeps your website fine tuned and set up for success. Our website maintenance packages are $150/month.

How do website payments work?

For website payments we ask for a 50% down payment and then 50% when your site is complete and before launch. Final payment must be received before launch. Your total website investment will be based on how many pages we need to create + additional features + extra content outside website package. Our pricing is competitive and our websites are superior.

What is your average website turn around time?

On average our websites take about 30 days to complete. If there are considerably more than 10 pages and include many additional features such as e-commerce, then the timeline can be 45-60+ days. Regardless of the time it takes you will be updated on a weekly basis regarding our progress and be able to see our development site.

Where is your NH headquarters located?

Our NH web design agency is located in Boscawen, NH right across the street from National Lumber. Our location peaceful and quiet with sufficient parking and without the hassle of Concords traffic. We have been located here for over 5 years but do work remotely doing web design in Alton, Laconia, Portsmouth, Manchester, and Concord, NH. Our team has successfully delivered marketing and website projects to many New Hampshire businesses spanning all the way across the state. We have many clients from throughout the U.S. as well.

Invest In A Website That Ignites Your Sales.


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