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Bow Auto Parts Has A Record Breaking Quarter With Fast Monthly Growth.

Bow Auto Parts is one of the largest used auto parts suppliers in the Northeast and one of the most innovative in the United States. Recharged Solutions was hired to increase both B2B partners such as auto shops and also increase direct to consumer sales.

We built a multi-channel digital advertising strategy to generate new calls and text message leads. After implementing top sales technologies, we were able to measure lead volume, quality, and intelligently track revenue generated from our efforts.

From the first month after our new campaign launch we began generating thousands of new phone calls and qualified inbound leads. This led to record break month after month and bottomline growth of over 30% which is millions in new revenue.

Bow Auto Parts
Increase qualified inbound leads that include phone calls and text message / chat to ignite bottomline sales growth.
Without the best sales tracking technologies we were forced to play small and therefore a lot of new business was left on the table.

PROLine Trailers Sets Their Single Day Sales Records with $64k in sales.

PROLine Trailers is one of the highest quality custom trailer manufacturers and suppliers in the US with a headquarter location in Milford, NH. This is where PROLine Trailers  where they employ a team of over 30 to build out all their trailers custom per customer.

Understanding there is an opportunity to sell more trailers using online channels such Google and Facebook, they approached Recharged Solutions to help them take advantage of these Digital Age opportunities and increase the number of trailers sold monthly.

We built out a Digital Advertising Strategy that included multiple channels and advanced sales tracking to generate and track the new calls plus lead forms that we were generating. This resulted in record breaking sales days of over $64k which maxed out their team.

PROLine Trailers
Increase qualified inbound leads that include phone calls and lead form submissions to increase trailer sales per month.
Their sales tracking needed to be improved so we could measure results for digital advertising channels they hadn't tried before.

The Dirt Doctors Generates Thousands Of New Customers Over The Years.

The Dirt Doctors are one of the largest landscape and hardscape supply companies in the Northeast US with a massive 40+ acre facility located in Pembroke, NH. With a large fleet of delivery trucks they serve a major portion of New Hampshire & Massachusetts. 

Recharged Solutions was hired by The Dirt Doctors back in 2017 and since then there have been thousands of new customers generated through their digital marketing and sales that we built out to increase their sales by generating leads for less than $10 each.

This increased their bottomline growth and business valuation which resulted in an even more profitable exit after being purchased by a larger national brand. The national brand decided to keep us in their corner for advertising and sales growth.

The Dirt Doctors
Increase the number of phone calls and online form submissions to land more landscape companies and home owners.
The Dirt Doctors had only been investing in organic efforts and needed a digital marketing upgrade before starting paid ads.

Apex Charters Books Over 250+ Trips For A Record Breaking Season.

Apex Charters is one of the top fishing charters out of Wells Harbor, Maine. The owner Derek wanted to expand his fleet by adding another boat and captain but needed the confidence to know he could double his bookings to fill up now two boats worth of trips.

We built out a new digital presence that included a digital sales funnel designed to increase bookings. Then we built out a supercharged advertising campaign to gain controllable exposure and number of new fishing trips booked per month.

This resulted in over 250+ new fishing charter bookings in the months following our launch. That was over $100k of new revenue generated and clearly tracked using the top technologies that we implemented for Apex Charters to increase sales and save time.

Apex Charters & Guide Services
Increase the number of booked fishing charters while saving 1-3 hours per day using digital marketing and online booking.
Apex Charters needed an updated digital presence to then build enough credibility to generate paid-in-full online bookings.

Netting Company Lands $100k+ Deal The First Month After Launch.

This Netting Company we worked on through a partner agency of ours who is letting us use this case study but not to disclose of their name. We have our campaign results within our account which shows the qualified sales opportunities we generated.

After overcoming the clients hesitation regarding landing business to business opportunities “online” we were off to the races. We built a sales optimized landing page and a digital advertising strategy to start generating inbound leads for their sales team.

Understanding the sales cycle was longer, we ensured leads were carefully tracked to the bottomline and saw that just in our first month we landed a new client for this Netting Manufacturer which resulted in over $100k which was a 20x return on investment.

Netting Company
Increase qualified inbound leads through online form submissions so that the sales team can follow up and close new deals.
There was much hesitation that larger business-to-business leads could not be generated through digital advertising efforts.

Geddes Building Movers Generates More Online Leads Than Expected.

Geddes Building Movers is one of the most trusted house and building movers in the Northeast, US. They often times have 15+ houses in the air at a time and ready to move to their new location. Even with strong word of mouth, they wanted to grow more.

We built out a digital strategy leveraging the Google Marketing Platform to increase both phone calls and online form submissions asking for quotes to move their house. Furthermore we optimized this form to include more lead qualifying components.

This resulted in a massive influx of new leads which was beyond what their current team could handle. Because of this we were forced to pause our campaign until they are ready to scale even farther. Fortunately for them, their credibility is heavily sought after.

Geddes Building Movers
Increase qualified inbound leads that include phone calls and online form submissions to land more houses and buildings to move.
We built them a digital sales solution to increase exposure for keywords that their potential customers were searching for.

Hardscape Companies Generate Hundreds of Local Project Quotes.

We’ve worked with several hardscape companies throughout New England. We’ve built a digital sales solution that generates more quotes for their team to close. The biggest limitation is their capacity so our solutions are best for multi-crew companies.

We generated a new lead which is a quality sales opportunity every day for 30 days straight during their busy month for one hardscaping company. Together we have generated hundreds of local installation quotes for the hardscape industry.

The challenge we face with Hardscape Companies is that are harder to grow as it requires building multiple crews. We have a solution to help with this challenge but it requires effort from our client. Single crews we can max out in 30-90 days running a campaign.

Hardscape Companies
Increase qualified inbound leads through new phone calls and online forms to quote more projects and land more customers.
The hardest challenge for hardscape companies is building multiple crews to handle the capacity of your local area.

K Patterson Paving Generates over 75+ Quote Requests Following Launch.

K Patterson Paving is a fourth generation paving company with over 100+ years of experience and multiple locations all over NH and MA. They wanted to grow their sales by tapping into online opportunities that would allow them to add another paving crew. 

Knowing that we didn’t want to waste the sales team on quoting unqualified leads, we built a highly converting online form that effortlessly qualifies leads and delivers valuable information to their team so they can quote and close them as a new customer.

K Patterson Paving has been generating more local quote requests, more customers, more revenue, and greater profits from their digital sales solutions we built for them which makes them show up professionally and boost their credibility as a company.

K Patterson Paving
Increase qualified leads through new phone calls and online forms to quote more projects and land more customers.
The challenge with paving teams are growing a multi-crew team and allocating appropriate time to sales and client satisfaction.

MIT Scientists Revolutionize Cleaning & Hire Us For Global Digital Strategy.

Enozo converts tap water into 99.9% disinfectant spray and was developed by top MIT scientists. The revolutionary product went through testing scrutiny and once approved needed a strategy to educate the market and start generating initial sales.

After a “Shark Tank” like investor pitch to help Enozo secure investor funding, we were hired on the spot to build a Global Digital Strategy and then implement the marketing, sales, experience, and even internal operations using digital systems.

This was our most difficult project to date but we stayed on a monthly contract for a year as we built out the core foundation and delivered initial sales through digital opportunities on a global scale. They now have an internal marketing director & distribution partners.

Enozo Technologies
Build a Go-To-Market Digital Strategy for this revolutionary cleaning product which included awareness and ecommerce sales.
Having a brand new product that is built to disrupt an industry is epic but also requires market education & acknowledgement.
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Aaron Murtagh
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"We've had record breaking months and quarters after starting our new campaign with Recharged Solutions which has led to bottomline growth of over 30%."
Chris Lindquist
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"This has been by far my best season with over 250+ new bookings which allowed me to expand my fleet thanks to the Digital Systems Jon built us!"
Derek Peters
Owner/Captain Apex Charters