WordPress Maintenance Overhaul

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Your website is your online vehicle. It needs maintenance, an inspection, and an oil change so it can run at its peak performance without breaking down.


A Better Experience With Your Company

Nowadays your website is the face of your company which shows who you are in the real world. It is a place where referrals and new potential customers make their buying decision then reach out when ready.

  • Make sure you’re not missing leads from your website
  • Comprehensive functionality testing to find issues and fix them
  • Complete website audit to find strength, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats
  • Setup Google Analytics reports so you can see how people are using your site
  • WordPress & plugin updates to make your site more secure & running smoothly
  • Complete website backup delivered to you for safekeeping
  • Complimentary 24/7 uptime monitoring so we can alert you if any issues come up

Skipping Maintenance Can Be Costly

Most the time it ends up costing you more by skipping maintenance just like if you stopped doing oil changes to your vehicle and then your engine blew.

Websites have many moving parts and things break. The worst is when a business isn’t receiving leads through their website. That is a recipe for converting hot potential customers to cold haters who were not even acknowledged.

Yet, provide an extraordinary experience and you’ll land more customers plus more referrals. It all starts with a WordPress Website Maintenance Overhaul.

Your Website Is For Your Customers

Address your customers frequently asked questions, your portfolio, about your company, and an overall experience that demonstrates what you stand for.

Your website is your sales pitch but built to run 24/7 and do the heavy lifting for you. It turns your sales pitch into a scalable system that can be dialed in using data.

Don’t Run The Risk Of Being “That Guy”

We see it too often. A company that doesn’t maintain their site and it becomes a low hanging fruit for being hacked. Every week that goes by it gets more vulnerable.

Then it happens, the site is hacked and sometimes it’s a little harder to notice but it adds code to make your website into something that can try to infect your visitors AKA referrals, customers who found you online, and existing customers.

We had a client who called us to fix their hacked site and we asked when it happened. They said about a week ago. We started doing our analysis and saw it had been hacked for over 2 months. Hundreds of people had a bad experience.


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