How to market and grow a nonprofit organization in 2018 is much different than it was even a few years ago as “old school” marketing tactics become less effective every day.

We’ve worked with top 50 largest non-profits in the U.S. such as the Arthritis Foundation as well as other non-profits including Show Me Your Stethoscope that has over 650,000 members. We also work with local non-profits including the NHIAA project Life of An Athlete which was a video webinar that educated student-athletes about the impacts of drugs and alcohol on athletic performance.

Our team has specifically designed our nonprofit marketing plan based on what has driven the most impact for the non-profits we’ve worked with in the past and today. It includes your website, important website add-ons that help non-profits grow, and a controllable way to generate new visitors to your website where they can take action and add value to your organization.

I just want to thank you personally for your service to the Arthritis Foundation through our NH Leadership Council and your work with our Marketing and Communication staff on the Google project. It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope our paths cross in the future.

Margaret Duffy, Arthritis Foundation

We are very thankful of everything Recharged Business Solutions has helped us with from our new websites to e-commerce store and on-going support. Highly recommended!

Rich Trubey, Cafe Solar

Recharged Solutions efficiently responded to issues as they came up, going above and beyond to find solutions while maintaining a positive attitude.

Donna Arias, NHIAA

Non-Profit Website Design

Your non-profit web design should boost your credibility, not reduce it. A professional website creates a superior brand experience for visitors which helps you accomplish your websites primary goal. We take our websites a step further and build them so they are easy for your team to use.

Our team will be completely redesigning and rebuilding your site from scratch using the content that currently exists on your site. You can certainly give us additional content to work with. We make sure our communication is clear, solution-driven, and responsive throughout your entire client experience.

Our nonprofit websites provide you with a framework for accelerated organization growth.

Superior Visitor Experience
Streamlined for Goals
Mobile & Tablet Optimized
Speed Optimized
Keenly Branded
Search Engine Optimized
Strengthened Security
Extensively Tested
Social Media Syndication

Easy for Team to Use
Custom Dashboard Per Role
Custom Analytic Reports
Reliable & Helpful Support
Proactive Monitoring
Cloud Based Backups
Performance Web Hosting
Domain Name Management
Email Newsletter Integrated

Event Registration & Management

Get a better turnout from your events by adding complete membership management solution built right into your website. This makes event registration and follow-up almost effortless for your team and those registering. After registering you can add these events to your calendar in just one click. When someone registers for an event on your website their information is easily accessible and able to be exported.


Membership Portal

Our membership areas allow your internal team to easily manage your membership content while accomplishing your needs. Your membership section will be set up so that there can be different levels of membership or just one type of member. These members can be set to have access to exclusive content available for all members as well as specific content to their membership level.

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Video Based Webinars

Video webinars help educate and promote your organization’s mission through videos and customized interactions. Webinars allow you to not only educate advocates of your mission but your internal team as well. Our team successfully built an e-learning experience for Life of An Athlete to increase the awareness of drugs and alcohol on athletic performance. This was enrolled throughout NH school districts for student-athletes to complete in an interactive way that made an impact.

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Non-Profit E-commerce Websites

E-commerce sites are great for further expanding your organization’s reach and monetizing your mission. Our e-commerce sites are easy for your internal team to manage yet powerful to create a great experience for online buyers. Our team built a simple yet powerful e-commerce store for Cafe Solar that their team quickly adapted to and now run on their own. They utilize us for support and improving features but are very self-sufficient due to our user-friendly e-commerce setup.


On-Going Web Support

Our non-profit websites increase your organization’s professionalism, credibility, and brand experience. This helps accomplish your mission and create a more resourceful online asset that boosts organizational growth both short and long-term. BUT…in order to run a successful site month after month, you need good website support. As you grow a website there are many additional needs that come up and our team is responsive, capable, and great communicators so we can be the best resource possible for you.


Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring

Websites are made of many moving parts and just like a vehicle they need maintenance or else they break and become more costly. Proactive web maintenance includes website updates, weekly backups, performance + uptime monitoring, health audits, custom reporting, and more. Our team uses advanced analytic tracking to continually dial in and grow your website to make as much of an impact as possible. This is how we keep your site healthy and successful long-term.

Non-Profit Marketing Grants


“This is the fuel for your website that can generate thousands of new visitors to your site each month to improve exposure, donations, volunteers, or any other goal you have.”

Google Non-Profit Marketing Grant

Imagine what you could do with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month from AdWords, an online advertising solution from Google. You could recruit more volunteers. Attract more donations. And share your story with audiences all over the globe. It’s all possible with Google Ad Grants. Click here to visit their official website to learn more.

YouTube Non-Profit Marketing Grant

Just like the Google Grant, there is a Youtube nonprofit grant that you can take advantage of to boost the impact of any video you produce. This is a great way to compliment your Google grant and grow your nonprofit marketing impact even more to attract more donations, volunteers, and more! Click here to visit their official website to learn more.

We are an official Google Partnered company and know the grant process well which is why we have yet to be rejected. Our approval rate is 100% and once we land a grant we build you a campaign to maximize the impact of your grant and abide by the grants performance requirements. On a weekly basis we will manage, measure, optimize, and improve your campaign out so that it becomes more valuable every month.

What are you looking to accomplish?

We help boost nonprofits credibility, provide an online framework for success, and allow you to make a bigger impact.

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**We only take on a few new non-profit clients per month and do have to turn away non-profits if they are not a good fit for us. We want to make sure we can make you dramatically more successful or we won’t move forward.