Helping Non-Profits Make A Bigger Impact

Our team helps change the world by using our online expertise to benefit non-profits.

We have worked with top 50 largest non-profits in the U.S. such as the Arthritis Foundation as well as other large non-profits including Show My Your Stethoscope who has over 650,000 active members. We also work with up-and-coming non-profits such as Mesoamerican Development Institute and Cafe Solar who we have helped grow from nearly the start.

Non-Profit Solutions We Offer

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Non-Profit WordPress Websites

Our non-profit websites increase your organization’s professionalism, credibility, and brand experience. This helps accomplish your mission and create a more resourceful online asset that boosts organizational growth both short and long-term. Two of our most recent websites we launched are for Show Me Your Stethoscope and Mesoamerican Development Institute.

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Non-Profit Ecommerce Websites

E-commerce sites are great for further expanding your organization’s reach and monetizing your mission. Our e-commerce sites are easy for your internal team to manage yet powerful to create a great experience for online buyers. Our team built a simple yet powerful ecommerce store for Cafe Solar that their team quickly adapted to and now run on their own. They utilize us for support and improving features but are very self-sufficient due to our user-friendly ecommerce setup.

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Video Based Webinars

Video webinars help educate and promote your organization’s mission through videos and customized interactions. Webinars allow you to not only educate advocates of your mission but your internal team as well. Our team successfully built an e-learning experience for Life of An Athlete to increase the awareness of drugs and alcohol on athletic performance. This was enrolled throughout NH school districts for student-athletes to complete in an interactive way that made an impact.

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Membership Areas

Membership areas are a great way to bring your non-profit organization to the next level. Our membership areas allow your internal team to easily manage your membership content while accomplishing your needs. We are currently building a membership area for Show Me Your Stethoscope which is the largest active nursing community in the world with over 650,000 members.


Google Non-Profit Grants

We have landed Google Non-Profit Grants of $10k/month for organizations including Arthritis Foundation, Mesoamerican Development Institute, and NofaMass. These grants help boost an organizations exposure on Google search engine allowing them to grow your audience and make a bigger impact.

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Proactive Web Maintenance & Hosting

Websites are made of many moving parts and just like a vehicle they need maintenance or else they break and become more costly. Proactive web maintenance includes website updates, weekly backups, performance + uptime monitoring, health audits, custom reporting, and powerful hosting. This is how we keep your site healthy long-term.

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