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Rapid Growth Using Scalable Systems

What would happen if you landed 10x more new business next month?

Some businesses, mainly local services, can be overwhelmed even if they landed just one new customer or client per day. Scalable systems help increase your number of new customers per month threshold.

Business growth comes from having an authentic and impactful reason for why you do what you do. But distilled into raw business terms, it comes down to just two things – volume and margins.

The volume of new customers/clients/patients/etc. your business serves is vital to healthy business growth and not getting “stuck”.

Small businesses “get stuck” more often due to volume limitations versus margins. Margins are knowing your numbers and calculating them for each next level of your business. Margins drive profits but need volume.

Volume is the hard part. Volume requires marketing, sales, customer experience, hiring team members, and all that comes along with it.

I’m going to help you increase volume, which I call ‘throughput capacity’ as it prompts one to think in terms of process, systems, and bottlenecks.

Solving ‘Throughput Capacity’ To Ignite Revenue

Businesses can solve volume or ‘throughput capacity’ with the right systems and technologies. But not all systems are created equal. 

Systems can be manual and non-scalable, semi-scalable, or exponentially scalable. A scalable business system should be able to run thousands of times on autopilot without any manual effort 24/7/365. 

Exponentially scalable systems are the golden gems that help solve volume and allow businesses to serve more customers while providing them with a consistent and often more personalized experience.

There is a common misperception that automation and other scalable systems are not as personal, which actually, it’s the opposite. Digital automation can be highly personalized, based on micro-behaviors.

For example, someone comes to our site, and they click to start their Modern Growth Platform test drive. We can show these people ads on Google, Facebook, or just about any other platform to auto-nurture them. 

‘Single Path’ End-to-End Marketing, Sales, & Experience

A ‘single path’ experience is like lining building blocks up horizontally from left to right so that customers go from one block to the next sequentially. The potential customer either moves forward to the next block or not.

This simplicity makes everything so much easier as we can set up automations and systems to handle each outcome with ease, such as “they did not move forward to the next block, so do this”.

The advantage of building a ‘single path’ customer experience from stranger to paying customer is that it makes bottlenecks easy to identify. 

If potential customers are not advancing at a profitable rate, we can see what block is underperforming and make changes to improve its performance, measure results, and continually improve based on data.

End-to-end marketing, sales, and customer experience are what we call Growth Engines, built on a digital platform that enables you to assemble a majority of your scalable growth systems customized for your goals.

Measurability, Scalability, & Growth Control

At the core foundation, marketing is the process of testing and improving various efforts to increase sales. Learning what does and does not work is essential to finding the most effective way to grow your business.

Since marketing is a process, there is no endpoint. The goal is to find what works, then capitalize on it and maximize your profits by continually improving based on data. That is the magic to achieve rapid growth.

For a system to be scalable, it must, therefore, be measurable. It is impossible to do more of what is working if you can’t measurably see what’s working to then improve upon with data versus emotional bias.

Once implemented, ‘single path’ scalable systems can be dialed in with data feedback to craft symphony-like experiences fueled by digital advertising to increase your daily volume of new sales opportunities.

By fueling your Growth Engine with digital advertising, we can unlock ‘Growth Control’, which is beyond what most our clients can understand until they see it for themselves and see it impact their bottom line.

‘Growth control is like having a throttle for your business sales and growth. Most businesses think they have control until they experience this new digital business environment that is changing the game entirely.

Replacing Limitations With Exponentially Scalable Systems

Giving a business presentation to a crowd or hosting business events are not scalable ways to grow your business even if they are useful.

But video recording your business presentation to a crowd or making a promo video from your event now creates a scalable digital asset. This asset would act as a modern sales representative for your business who sells 24/7 and can outperform a team of 978 human-based sales reps. 

Every person who watches your digitally recorded presentation can now get the experience of you presenting to them. You can now leverage technology and deliver your sales pitch to thousands of people each day.

Exponentially scalable systems can be built within your marketing, sales, customer experience, operations, daily admin, business technology, and even within your business data which is the new competitive advantage.

When it comes down to it, if a system cannot scale, then it will hold you back at some point. This does not mean you can’t be successful while relying on non-scalable systems, but what you accomplish will be limited.

Continually using a non-scalable system over a scalable solution just means you will continue to spend more of you and your team’s time and energy working harder versus smarter – if the system can be digitalized. 

Some systems or processes just can’t be digitalized, and it’s vital to identify these. For instance, if I owned a landscape company that installs patios, I can’t digitalize my patio installations, and that’s ok. 

By digitalizing your core business systems and processes, you can ensure that each new hire will be necessary to accomplish your next level. And that there will be no inefficient hires that could have been systems built.

The final thought I’ll leave you with is investments that save time increase both volume and margins. Investing in scalable systems will drastically outperform building a bigger team that uses non-scalable systems. 

Not Scalable Marketing

Networking events are not a scalable source of generating new business as there are only so many events you can physically attend each day. Relationships are valuable, but networking events are not scalable.

Scalable Marketing Solution

Decide who you want to target and build a Facebook campaign to target them precisely or determine what people are searching for on Google and run ads that show when people type in your specific keywords.

Facebook Groups are the new networking event, and if utilized strategically, each post can be 100x more valuable than any actual event.

Not Scalable Marketing

Referrals. Although valuable to a business, if you rely on referrals to grow, you do not have actual control over your business growth, and you’d be blown away with the control that is achievable in this day and age.

Scalable Marketing Solution

Running a Facebook ad targeted at friends of friends who like your page, and as new friends like your page, you’ll target their social networks.

Not Scalable Marketing

Sending out flyers and brochures, not knowing your return on investment, and hoping for the best. Not only is this not scalable, but if you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it or control it. 

Lack of ‘Growth Control’ comes from a lack of sales control. If you rely on generating new sales from efforts you can’t improve or control, then you can’t control your sales growth. And therefore don’t have growth control.

Scalable Marketing Solution

Imagine knowing which houses in each neighborhood were looking for your local service and being able to send only them a flyer or brochure. 

Running Google Ads makes so that your business pops up when people in your area search directly for what you offer, which is just like knowing which house in each neighborhood is interested in what you provide.

But rather than getting a physical flyer, they are getting a digital flyer via a Google Ad, which has advanced analytics and conversion tracking, allowing you to see your actual return on investment. 

With digital advertising, once you learn what works, you can increase and decrease your results like a sales throttle for your growth.

Not Scalable Sales

Following up with partially qualified leads can be a significant waste of time and take time away from your team closing qualified opportunities.

Scalable Sales Solution

We show Google and Facebook ads to partially qualified leads as well as nurture them through email automation sequences to put your sales follow-up and nurturing on autopilot while driving even better results.

Not Scalable Sales

Direct Outreach. We are in an age where it’s all about precisely targeting and attracting your ideal customers, not hunting them down like prey. Direct outreach is still valid, especially for B2B, but not scalable.

Scalable Sales Solution

Inbound Marketing. Put away the hunting gear and produce valuable digital assets that can target and engage your ideal potential customers. 

Each online content asset you create is essentially a digital sales representative for your business that attracts, engages, educates, and sends warmed up sales opportunities to your sales team to close.

So when a business owner initially laughs at the idea of them or their internal team writing content as a good use of time, I bring them back to how they found us in most cases – through the digital assets we’ve made.

Not Scalable Sales

Hiring a sales team member based on an hourly rate will make your business cashflow negative until the sales team member starts getting results. Reducing cash flow means there is a limit to how many sales members you can get involved with selling your offering.

Scalable Sales Solution

Hiring a sales team based on commission or other performance compensation ensures that you remain cash flow positive as you are only paying out on results produced and can onboard a limitless sales team. 

Not Scalable Experience

Manually sending emails out to each new customer asking for them to leave you an online review.

Scalable Experience Solution

Creating email automation that automatically sends out an online review email to each new customer without any manual actions from your team. 

Not Scalable Experience

Manually scheduling calls, meetings, appointments, consultations, assessments, etc. The back and forth of asking what time works for you and then both giving a variety of options to boil down isn’t efficient.

Scalable Experience Solution

Creating an automated process to schedule a call or meeting in just a couple of clicks that will update to both of your calendars automatically and send you both notifications leading up to the scheduled event. 

Not Scalable Experience

A majority of individual emails sent. 

Scalable Experience Solution

Build out powerful email sequences and integrate them into your other business technology to build automation that is personalized and provides a consistent customer experience at high volumes.

You should be working ON the systems of your business versus IN the systems of your business. We’re modern business growth architects who help show you how to build marketing, sales, customer experience, and technology that your internal team can drive and ignite sales growth.

Start Building Scalable Systems For Your Business

For nearly a decade, we’ve been building scalable business systems from start-ups to $1M/Month clients while consulting multi-billion dollar conglomerates on their marketing and sales scalability.

In 2019, it took us 90 seconds to show a 3 billion dollar company opportunities they were missing online and how to capitalize on them.

The same scalable systems we build-out for our million per month revenue clients are the ones that we use on our local service small business clients giving them the advantage to grow as they please.

We’ve already solved a lot of the problems from a marketing, modern sales, customer experience, and technology standpoint creating innovative solutions that help our clients avoid many growth obstacles.

Our mission is to help businesses ignite their sales and profits as my fuel is growing up in a family of nearly all small business owners and understanding how business growth impacts your lifestyle. 

To accomplish our mission, we built a powerful Modern Growth Platform that enables businesses to build and assemble their scalable systems.

Our platform provides complete flexibility to build your scalable systems in the most impactful way for your business. With click-by-click video trainings, we will help you quickly assemble your Modern Growth Engine.

The goal of our Modern Growth Platform is to save business owners and their team year’s worth of hard work, lost time, and wasted energy by implementing the most efficient systems into their businesses.

Technology in the business world moves just as fast as the next smartphone comes out. So imagine not evolving with this technology.

Not evolving to technology is a dangerous path even for well-established businesses as leveraging technology creates FAR MORE capacity, speed, impact, and drives better data to use for continual improvement.

The new competitive advantages are not “great service and quality”. Those are the bare minimum. The competitive edge in business from here on out is technology, data, and continuous improvements.

Futureproof Your Business By Preparing For What’s Coming

Creating a single path end-to-end customer experience, implementing the latest technologies, and using scalable systems provide you with one thing. That one thing is data and will be the differentiator in this decade.

Having a clean dataset for your customer experience and core business systems is prepping for the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into your business – which is happening now.

It’s quite simple to predict what will become the next small business revolution, just watch what the Fortune 500 are doing. Similar to military technology going public, Fortune 500 innovate & drive technology growth.

Growth is becoming more and more of an exponential curve due to technology. Accepting single-digit growth or growing at the same rate as the previous year are the new danger signs for a business.

Growth is much more rapid nowadays as we leverage technology. 

Start Assembling Your Scalable Growth Systems Using Our Modern Growth Platform To Start Unlocking Exponential Business Growth!

If you go to our “Growth Engines” page, you can click the Start Test Drive button and get a glimpse of our scalable systems in action.

The Start Test Drive button will allow you to register in one click so that our system auto-generates you one of our Modern Growth Platforms and gives you instant access to login and start building scalable systems.

Once inside, you can in two clicks register for our Modern Growth Program that shows click by click video-based training on how to build a lean, mean, profit machine business that can scale beyond your dreams.

It’s like having our team of marketing, advertising, modern sales, customer experience, automation, and technology experts sitting right beside you, teaching you the inner workings of your modern growth.

Our goal is to help 100,000 small businesses become “unstuck” as we have spent over 30,000+ hours dialing in our process of generating rapid growth for our clients into an industry-leading platform and program.