Paid Search Marketing Drives The Fastest Results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a powerful opportunity that immediately generates leads and gives us data showing which keywords are most profitable for your business. We apply these findings to maximize your local map and search engine optimization results. That is why Pay-Per-Click is the best starting point especially for local businesses.

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Google Adwords Paid Search Marketing

Many companies approach us saying they want search engine optimization (SEO) services but aren’t interested in Paid Search Marketing. The reason is nearly always based on a misperception yet in reality, paid search efforts are precise, effective, efficient, and much more controllable than SEO. Clients love how fast they start generating new leads from their paid search campaign.

The question is not which search marketing effort is the best, but how each opportunity works with each other as a part of a greater strategy. The shaded blue area of the image represents paid search marketing ads and below that is the map results as well as organic results which are highlighted in green. Each is a separate way to gain exposure on the first page of Google for your business.

Immediate Results
Control Lead Volume
100% Measurable
Exact Keyword Data

How Paid Search Marketing Fits Into Strategy

Paid Search Marketing plays a major role in your overall internet marketing services strategy. Not only does paid search marketing generate immediate leads but it also provides the best data possible regarding which keywords are most profitable for your business. This precise keyword data can be used to maximize your local map exposure and SEO efforts.

We recommend local companies start with paid search marketing to drive results within the first month and next focus on local map results. Both these efforts require less of an initial investment than search engine optimization (SEO) and will generate new leads much sooner.

How Paid Search Experts Track Results

paid search marketing results

PPC Campaign Audits

We use industry leading programs to audit your campaign performance and find new areas of opportunity to generate more leads at an even lower cost per new lead. Our extensive audits are a great starting point for all new clients.

Quality Score

Business owners sometimes don’t understand just how important quality score is for your campaigns. The higher the quality score the lower your cost per new lead is. A major factor of quality score is your website which can’t be overlooked.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

This shows how engaging your ads are to potential leads. By comparing the CTR of your paid search marketing ads, we can determine what ad copy engages your potential leads the most and generates the highest quality leads.


Our primary goal for most campaigns is to generate new leads. We track phone calls from your ads, calls from your website, contact form submissions, and other important conversions to fully measure your cost per new lead.

Featured Paid Search Case Studies

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Our Paid Search Marketing Process

By taking the time to fully understand your paid search marketing goals we craft a strategy and campaigns to accomplish your goals. After auditing your account we will determine if we need to rebuild your account or not. Taking into top competitors data, we create strategies that generate business for our clients.

Understand Your Goals

xxWe’ll start by completing an in-depth SEO analysis of your online presence to identify your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

PPC Campaign Audit

xxWhy re-invent the wheel when we can see which keywords and SEO tactics are generating the most amount of quality traffic to your competitor’s websites.

Competitive Analysis

xxAfter conducting a competitive analysis and doing our own keyword research, we compile our findings and use our SEO expertise to build your long-term strategy.

PPC Strategy

xxOn-Page SEO is optimizing the code of your website to take advantage of both site-wide and page specific SEO opportunities to maximize your exposure online.

Building Campaigns

xxOff-Page SEO refers to efforts made outside your website such as building links to your site which are votes of credibility and authority in the eyes of Google.

Measuring & Improving Results

xxThrough keyword rank tracking and goal conversion data, we measure your SEO progress to understand what efforts are working the best so we can further improve results.

How do you make SEO most successful?

SEO is most successful if it is paired with a strong content strategy, fresh content produced on a regular basis, social media activity, professional website that generates a great experience, and good online reviews. If any of these components are missing that will limit your results from our SEO experts.

How much is this going to cost me?

How much is a lead worth to you? If you generated one new client/customer every month what kind of increase in revenue would you see? Unfortunately, SEO results don’t happen overnight. The best SEO results come from continued monthly efforts. For local and state-wide NH SEO clients our monthly retainers to generate new business online start at $500/month. Regional or national based SEO starts at $1250 per month. Pricing does vary based on how competitive your industry and marketplace are. Reach out to us for more accurate pricing.

How does Google determine the ranking of websites?

Google uses over 240 ranking factors to determine where a website will rank in their search results. We focus on the highest impact opportunities and write all code to the latest Google standards and advanced SEO tactics to get ahead of your competitors. The days of just stuffing keywords into sites are long gone and any “SEO tricks” that you may have heard of or tried, are bound to get you a Google penalty nowadays.

What if I want results much sooner than 2-4 months?

We will help assess how soon we can start generating results based on your online presence. But, if clients want results sooner, we will crunch three months worth of SEO efforts into the first month so we can gain faster results. We have started seeing results within one month before but cannot promise this for any business.

Why spend time fixing SEO issues before growing online presence?

The beginning of SEO can seem slow as we are fixing your core issues versus growing your online exposure. If we were to skip over major issues and move right into growth phase many of our efforts would be wasted as core issues would be permanently holding us back from profitable keyword rankings.

Why spend time fixing SEO issues before growing online presence?

The beginning of SEO can seem slow as we are fixing your core issues versus growing your online exposure. If we were to skip over major issues and move right into growth phase many of our efforts would be wasted as core issues would be permanently holding us back from profitable keyword rankings.

We are an Official Google Partner which means we passed Google’s certifications and meet strict client performance metrics. Being a Google Partner grants us access to exclusive events and training to give our clients an advantage.