Let’s double the number of new customers we land next week – but then go back to where we are at now. This way we can find weak points to fix so we can consistently serve twice as many new customers.

Imagine having this level of control over your marketing.

Gaining control like this over marketing makes your sales more controllable and consistent. The consistency, controllability, and scalability of your sales determine just how your company operates. Relying on inconsistent marketing efforts will make your company inconsistent by nature as sales are the fuel for any business.

Relying on inconsistent marketing makes your business inconsistent.

By testing a higher volume of new customers we can find weak points in the business that are holding back its growth, implement solutions for these weak points, and retest at a higher volume.

Relying on Throttle Vs Wind

Do you want it to take you months to change your strategy or days?
Do you want to have a throttle or rely on the wind (which changes regularly)?
Would you rather have a GPS system to get where you’re going or rely on a compass?

Throttle PROS

– Controllable Throttle
– Immediate Responsiveness
– Consistent Engine Output
– 100% Measurable Output
– Get There Faster

Throttle CONS

– Have to Pay to Play
– Miss Out on Free Wind



– Wind is FREE!
– There’s So Much Wind!


– Not In Complete Control
– Not Very Responsive
– Relying on Inconsistent Wind
– Harder to Measure Output
– Travel Slower

Congrats! You now understand Paid Ads (Throttle) vs SEO (Wind).

Why can’t I have the ship and the boat?

I like your thinking. I don’t like choosing either.

A ship is a good backup to have. If your speedboat ever breaks down you can always fall back and use the ship. It’s just important to keep in mind how to hook the speedboat and ship together so you can use them most effectively.

It, of course, wouldn’t make sense to have the ship pulling the speedboat. This is the same thing as relying on SEO (ship) and viewing paid ads (speedboat) as something extra to try.

It makes the most sense to have the speedboat (paid ads) pulling the ship (SEO). This is the same thing as relying on paid ads and viewing SEO as an additional channel of new business.

If the channel you are relying on is not consistent, controllable, measurable, or scalable then your business won’t have those characteristics either. Word of mouth referrals, offline marketing, and organic do not have these components to them.

Our Profit-Machines Rely on Paid Ads

SEO is still valuable and can deliver a good ROI but Paid ads are what you’re business needs to be relying on and using to feed your SEO efforts. Any other way is not nearly as efficient and won’t drive even close to the same amount of results. This is a difference maker from a good and great company or a million to multi-million dollar company.

You need to pay to play, but in doing so, will unlock a version of your company where you have complete control over your sales and how many new customers you land each month.

Paid Ads Supercharge Your SEO

SEO by itself does add value to a business and increases their sales but without PPC it is so underutilized. Paid ads (PPC) are what you use to find the most profitable keywords which you then focus SEO efforts on to gain more exposure and market share for each top keyword.

Keep in mind, top keywords mean the phrases that your best potential buyers are typing in on Google. These are hot leads actively searching for your offerings and we make sure your business is there when they search. We build you a sales throttle you can rely on and then start building your ship.

Paid Ad Misperceptions

What if my competitor's click through all my budget?

We can tell if this is happening and your account is set up to have safety guards on it to prevent against this. This is also illegal for competitors to do as its stealing and Google can go after them depending on the severity.

What if all my budget just immediately gets blown?

This can’t happen as we set daily limits and we aren’t seeing results we make big changes until we do see results. Plus your ads are set to run throughout the day so once they are shown a few times in a row they will not show for a little bit stopping any malicious clicks.

What if it doesn't work for my business?

This really can’t happen either as our process drives results for clients. If initially, we don’t see results we just make changes and will get results. This isn’t going to work for millions of other businesses and then not work for yours.

Once I stop paying I will stop getting new business though?

True but like they say, you need to pay to play. Plus for people who think SEO is any better. Ask an SEO expert how long top keyword rankings last once a client stops investing in SEO. 1-3 months at most and then they will be surpassed in the search results and start losing major traffic.

Not enough opportunity as I rarely ever click on ads

I don’t click on ads as often as organic either but if I am a ready-to-buy and I have a specific need I am searching for a solution for on Google then there is roughly a 20-30% chance I’ll click on an ad. This is a Google stat based on billions of searches, not just pertaining to me personally.

Is the lead quality going to be lower?

Nope, not at all. Through proper messaging, you can repel your non-ideal customers and attract your ideal customers so that you attract even higher quality leads who are actively seeking your product or services at that exact moment. These are as hot of leads as you can get.

Thinking of 100 clicks I have to pay for vs a flat rate...

All-inclusive resorts can charge you more as a flat-rate then what you would ever spend at a non-inclusive resort. Why? Because people tend to avoid things that have many psychological pain points such as handing over money. They would rather only hand over money once then 20 times even if the 20 times would cost less. I suspect this is an issue of why by default many clients gravitate to organic SEO vs PPC. But it’s worth overcoming this mindset and unlocking the true power of Google.

Few Other Paid Ads vs SEO Caveats

We’ve worked on over a hundred marketing projects and we’ve learned over the last half decade what marketing combinations work the best. We’ve had clients only invest in SEO, only invest in paid ads, rely on SEO but use paid ads as an additional supplement, and last but not least the winning combination BY FAR… relying on paid ads but using SEO as an additional channel to create a more long-term strategy. This is the speedboat pulling the ship which is the ideal situation where you leverage both marketing channels (organic and paid) so you literally get the best of both worlds and supercharged results.

The results are so drastically better when you rely on Paid Ads but view SEO as an additional channel of new business that we are no longer offering new clients just SEO without paid ads. Paid ads fuel and give direction for your SEO efforts so they are much needed.

As a marketing and sales consultant, my duty in life is to lead our clients to what will generate the most results for them. To not adapt to what drives the most results comes from either a false perception or fear of change. Both of which will hold back your business and keep it inconsistent, uncontrollable, and not scalable – that is if you are currently relying on ONLY SEO.

– You shouldn’t be penalized for launching a new site like you are with SEO.
– You should be able to A/B test everything as that is what marketing is.
– You should always make marketing decisions based on data, not guesstimates.
– You should be able to control your sales which enables you to control growth.
– You should have the peace of mind to know there won’t be major fluctuations.
– SEO based businesses fear waking up one morning and to have no more search exposure.
– Paid Ads let you test all your content and messaging so you know what works the best.
– Paid Ads make so you have a complete testing ground for new products, content, etc.
– Paid Ads are the definition of perfect marketing – measurable, controllable, consistent.

If you are only focused on SEO right now, not to worry. Investing in paid ads will only help us dial in what are the most profitable keywords, and focusing on Paid Ads will not reduce any of your SEO. It will only help but it is important your mindset and priorities shift because relying on SEO only guarantees one thing. Your sales, growth, and company will rely on something that is uncontrollable, inconsistent, and not completely measurable which makes so your business itself have these same characteristics as I mentioned before but am further emphasizing as it’s that important. An uncontrollable and inconsistent business means you’re not growing at your optimal rate which then creates many additional unnecessary problems.

Sales solve everything and we solve sales. But you need to trust us and understand the winning combination and be willing to adapt to what works the best to generate the most results.

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