The Secret Danger of Buying A New Domain


A fresh start. A new beginning. A limitless potential to accomplish your wildest dreams.

Maybe you don’t get as excited about new domain names as I do, but they are still fun to purchase.

Unfortunately, there is a little unknown secret about new domains and how Google views them.

As an SEO Expert, you continually analyze Google’s algorithm it uses to rank sites and uncover a lot of cool stuff – that can inherently either make or break your online success.

One finding is that new domain names have this thing called a “Google Sandbox” effect.

Google takes its time to learn if a new domain is spammy or legit. If it is spammy Google’s very smart algorithm will see its a low-quality website and not give any authority to rank and gain exposure online. But this takes Google some time for new domains.

This means it can take a bit before you see your new domain even for when people are searching directly for your company name.

That is why it is so important to fight to keep your original company domain at all times. No matter what any web developer or web hosting company says, you own your own domain.

A new domain is a fresh start and often times won’t have years of potentially toxic links pointing to it online BUT you also have just pressed the big red “restart” button on your online authority.

Does that mean older domains are more valuable? YES. Good Question!

This is actually very similar to your credit score as older accounts hold more value and positively impact your score.

The same thing is happening on your website but in this case, there is only one account and it’s your domain name.

Real Life Scenario

A company has a domain name ( which they have had for the last 10 years.

They change website hosting and web development companies and they are told they don’t own domain so they decide to save fight and agree to just buying a new domain.

Little does this company know, they just pressed reset on ten years worth of online authority and gave away a major asset. Both in terms of the boost it was capable of providing on Google to rank higher as well as their overall company branding.

Never give up your company domain name and always fight for it even if it requires a shot over the bow from your lawyer. That is usually all it takes.

Is there a way to make so that a new domain shows up faster in Google?

Certainly. We can speed up the process significantly to make your site follow Google’s latest guidelines and send positive signals to Google that your site is legit. We recommend this New Domain Boost Add-On to all new domain purchases. Sometimes it takes just one boost, sometimes two or three depending on how authoritative your other online properties are.

Why Paid Ads Are The Best Solution

This entire post we have been talking about having your website show up for when someone searches for your business directly. This is the easiest to have your website show up for as there is minimal, if any, competition (most the time).

To actually begin gaining exposure on top profitable keywords in your industry is going to take a while and often times 90-180 days to really start seeing organic results from a brand new domain.

It’s tough to spend all that time and money on search engine optimization efforts for a return 3-6 months later.

Paid ads allow our team to build you a profit system using your website and a custom build paid ads campaign that can start generating new customers for you within 48 hours after launch.

We almost always recommend paid ads as the first investment for small businesses since you not only get your return on investment back faster, but your business gains data which shows what keywords generate the most phone calls and web leads. We then use this data to focus on ranking organically so that we can tap into more opportunities on the first page of Google and eventually not have to pay as much in paid ads. Although, if paid ads are profitable then might as well increase the spend and scale up as you please.

Spending $3k to make $12k is cool. But spending $9k to make $36k is much cooler. That is what our profit-systems deliver – Scalable, Controllable, and Measurable Profit That Scales. Apply for an expert consultation with me.

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