Poor Website Hosting Is A Poor Decision

By May 15, 2017WordPress

We’ve launched WordPress websites for clients that are the online equivalent of a fast sports car. Yet some clients have then gone against our recommendations and had us move their new site to the lowest possible shared hosting plan from GoDaddy, Bluehost, or some other hosting company.

Google States: 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load.

Shared hosting means there can be hundreds of websites all battling for the same limited resources. There is significant downtime, major lack of website performance, additional security vulnerabilities, and costs you more for all website changes in future.

During busy times of the day, your site can perform horribly. Other times it can perform well. When do small business owners check their own site? Before and after work. Both these times tend to have higher performance. When do visitors check out your site? It surely varies but typically is different times than a business owner would. This can give a business owner false perception that their site is performing great.

No matter how great of a hosting company, shared hosting is a poor decision as it is made for personal blogs and one man shows with DIY websites. Even if you buy the “business shared hosting” it is no different, just different marketing. Shared hosting is a bad decision for small business owners regardless of any other variable.

Rather than loading in under three seconds, like Google highly recommends for an optimal user-experience and ranking boost, a website on shared hosting will fluctuate throughout the day and could take over 10 seconds to fully load. The opportunity cost of saving $20 per month to make so your brand new website makes visitors patiently wait each time they click a page is a poor decision. It is chasing pennies versus dollars.

The home for your website is not the area to cut corners. Never ever go with “shared hosting”.

For example, this morning we were going to quickly swap a website over to launch it from a shared hosting setup. Usually this takes us a couple hours to ensure a smooth launch but instead, it took over an hour to even get a backup of the existing site. We have also spent considerably more time dealing with random issues such as max file upload messages and slow website response time when making edits. This makes everything take 2-3x longer and since time is money, it costs significantly more long-term to run a shitty hosting setup.

The ideal situation is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or really any plan that is NOT shared hosting. Expect to pay $20-$30+ per month, which as a legit business is nothing yet you gain so much from this. The opportunity cost is what to focus on here. Faster sites that perform well land more business.

Another setup to be cautious about is managed hosting. There are WordPress managed hosting “solutions” which seem like a good idea but some of these end up calling all the shots on your website including what plugins and settings you can use. It is very limited which defeats going with WordPress as a website platform in the first place. WordPress is very flexible so don’t let your hosting company work against that.

You wouldn’t park a Ferrari in an old barn that could at any point crash down would you? Same goes for your website. We can build you a top performing site and putting it on shared hosting will result in pissed off visitors who will wait 3-5 seconds at the most and then press the back button as fast as they possibly can. Your competitors will thank you for choosing shared hosting as leads that would have reached out to your business will reach out to them. Don’t let your competitors laugh their way to the bank because you wanted to save twenty bucks a month. Opportunity cost is everything.