The Opportunity Cost of A Bad Website

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We have talked with hundreds of small business owners about their websites and identified some common patterns. Those who view their website as less of a priority typically run less successful companies. This isn’t always true but is a pattern we identified.

Some business owners we talk with barely can even schedule a one-hour website consultation with us as they are “so busy” and “can’t stop business for this”. These are the owners who are focused so heavily on day-to-day activities that they have a hard time seeing the big picture and how a website can make their lives easier while increasing their revenue.

Work Smarter Not Harder To Increase Profits

Websites do the heavy lifting and help separate tire kickers who waste your time with quality leads. Websites supply information to potential leads versus you answering the same questions over and over all day. We recommend to clients they add Frequently Asked Questions within the content of each relevant page so that they can answer their most popular questions one time as professionally written content then let that content do the heavy lifting of informing their ideal customers.

Rather than having to be a sales expert or hammer the pavement to increase your sales, your website can generate sales almost automatically for you. It does take search engine marketing to increase your websites exposure on Google but that makes so that new business comes to your versus you having to hunt it down.

What is the Opportunity Cost?

Now comes the aspect many small business owners don’t think of at first. What is the opportunity cost of having a bad website?

You’re reducing your companies credibility, professionalism, possibly delivering old information to new customers, and allowing your competitors who do have good websites to grab more business from you. You are also not generating and converting as many leads online since poor websites get less exposure on Google and other top search engines.

Even when someone is strongly referred to a business, they tend to check the business out online. They also tend to do their own searches to see what other options they have. Nowadays there is less word of mouth and more Google searches being done as people have realized the power of a single search and how easy it is to find companies based on their specific needs. Online reviews are becoming the new word of mouth referrals. But that is another subject for another blog post.

Ultimately, if you are rocking an outdated or poor website you are losing out on more business than you know. When you think of the value of one new customer and them telling their friends and family about you, it’s mind-blowing that any small business owner would be ok with missing out on that opportunity to increase their profits, hire more team members, and scale their business to accomplish their wildest goals.

Websites are Investments Not Expenses

This is why when we quote small business owners from $3k to $15k+ for their website, the most successful owners have no problem making this type of investment. When a business thinks $3k for a website is completely ridiculous and would rather price shop for the lowest site they can find, they end up never capitalizing on an opportunity that can literally double your business year after year. A website is an investment and certainly not an expense.

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