Are You In Control Of Your Sales Growth?

The level of sales control that is achievable by leveraging digital technologies and opportunities is far beyond what was possible in the Pre-Digital Age.

For example, say my goal was to dig a hole. Say I gave 7 of my team members shovels and one team member an excavator. Who could dig the hole more effectively, efficiently, and have more capacity to dig additional holes? Of course the person with the excavator. But what’s the big difference here?

The greatest benefit of online systems is that your team members go from BEING the systems to RUNNING the systems.

The big difference is your team member with the excavator is running a system versus being the system. Your business systems are now either still offline which means you are fighting the Digital Age and opening the door for more tech-savvy competitors to gain a major advantage, or you are adapting to online based systems which are better for your customers, team members, and even upper management. They are more effective, efficient, measurable, scalable, and able to be continually improved by your team which makes team members more valuable.

Marketing was one of the first layers of business that went digital and most companies only adapted their marketing but no other parts of their business. The most adaptive businesses “followed the customer” to their bottomline ensuring the entire experience aligns with modern day consumer buying demands. This includes adapting your marketing, sales, customer experience, internal team experience, and internal operations by adopting digital cloud based solutions to replace your outdated technologies. This also will unlock business intelligence and data-driven growth.

What Is “Sales Control”?

It is simply the ability to increase or decrease sales as you please. It is understanding your current monthly revenue, what capacity you are operating at, and how much more your business can handle. Then it’s turning on sales like having a responsive throttle and solving bottlenecks in your business systems while increasing monthly revenue. This often acts as a stress test for a business which is why it is that much more important to not only be able to increase sales controllably but also decrease sales as needed.

Before the Digital Age there was not such a thing as “sales control” so if a business has not yet tapped into digital opportunities using the top sales technologies then they have never experienced the level of control over their sales that we help clients achieve every day. Efforts that produce non-controllable sales are radio and newspaper ads, yard signs, referrals, events, sponsorships, conferences, and most outbound sales efforts. These efforts you can’t effortlessly increase or decrease the sales they are generating.

At least not as effortlessly as doing a few clicks to double your sales. Does that sound too good to be true? Once you dial in your digital marketing and sales systems you are able to see your cost per new lead, the quality of lead, and revenue being generated by each lead. Then you use those sales insights to optimize your digital advertising campaigns so you are truly optimizing based on revenue. Then once your campaign is running profitably, which is often times in the first 30 days, then it is time to increase your ad spend and easily predict the increase in lead volume.

From there we can look at your campaign data as a predictability framework for us to project how much advertising spend would be needed to hit any of your goals knowing that if we double our advertising spend, we will double the number of new leads, we will take into account our lead quality data, sales closing ratio, and then track the revenue generated which should also double. That is how we can double sales in just a “few button clicks” which is all it takes to increase your advertising spend – granted we need a dialed in marketing & sales system for this to work.

Organic Versus Paid Ads

First off, what is organic and what are paid ads?

Organic growth on Google requires an optimized website, Google My Business listing, citations, links, social engagement, content, reviews, and more. All of this takes a significant amount of time and energy plus you are never assured any level of results. Even if you have great results, the algorithm is always changing and requires you to adapt as well as run the risk of having google reduce your rankings for hundreds of potential reasons. Organic growth also can take 90-180 days to start working versus paid ads which can start working in the first week consistently.

Digital advertising is pay to play but by paying you get advanced data as well as consistently which is essential for sales control. Paid ads don’t even necessarily require a website or even a landing page to start running and can begin delivering results almost immediately after launch with far more control than organic. Then once things are working you can double your budget to double your results in a few button clicks – keeping in mind as you increase your budget we can implement more advanced tactics to generate better results from your campaign.

Say I want to go from the Florida Keys to the Bahamas for a pina colada. This is similar to a business wanting to go from their current monthly revenue their goal monthly revenue.

Only investing in organic efforts is like jumping on a sailboat with no engine and just relying on the “free wind” to get me there versus jumping in a speed boat with a throttle that I’ll happily pay the gas bill for to get me there faster, easier, and with more control. We’ve seen businesses spend many thousands of dollars every month on organic efforts that are harder to track, harder to grow, impossible to scale, and aren’t meant to be invested in until businesses are maxing out their digital advertising market share.

When you are first starting a business, especially a local service business you may have little to no marketing budget so it is best to sign up for Google My Business and setup your social media accounts to start sharing projects and other content with your network. This is good initial organic growth. Just keep in mind that this will only get you so far and growth will not be controllable and will take time plus require much more sweat equity.

Once you have some revenue coming in you want to immediately hop over to paid ads to gain control over your sales growth. You shouldn’t stop organic efforts at this point but you also should not invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or even in most cases a website as neither will generate controllable sales results for you. The worst possible move a company can make is spending their budget on a website and not having any digital advertising plan in place of how they will promote their website. It’s like having a vehicle but not putting gas in it.

Build the system that will increase your sales controllably before you go after “free” long term business growth. That means investing in a digital advertising campaign before a website or any search engine optimization (SEO) or even social posting services. Then scale your digital advertising and sales systems to max out your market share on top platforms such as Google and Facebook. At that point you can use the data you have gained from paid advertising to know what keywords are the most valuable & what content works the best for your audience.

Companies who rely on uncontrollable sales channels simply have uncontrollable sales growth.

Paid ads are the GPS for organic growth which is your long term strategy which should only be invested in after you have a controllable and predictable way to increase your sales. If the source of your sales is not consistent, controllable, and predictable then surely your sales growth won’t be either. That is what causes companies to have massive fluctuations month to month and often times just by building out a digital advertising and sales system for clients, it will change the entire way they approach growing their business.

Building Your Sales Throttle

So by now we understand why sales control is so important and why we need to first focus on building a sales throttle before making monetary investments in organic growth.

In order to build your sales throttle you need a consistent, controllable, predictable, measurable, and scalable form of gaining targeted exposure. We use the top digital advertising platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube to build precise campaigns that put you in front of people searching directly for what you offer or that fit your ideal customer profile.

From here we need a way to convert these potential customers into leads for your business. This can be done by phone calls, online forms, landing pages, digital sales funnels, or even by sending paid advertising traffic directly to your website if it provides a good experience. We can take this a step further by implementing personalized auto-follow-up systems and other sales automations so that your team can let your digital systems do all the sales heavy lifting including outreach, follow up, qualification, nurturing, and educating potential customers.

This positions your sales team solely on supporting and closing new leads into new customers. Because we use the top digital sales technologies we are able to track your sales team closing ratios, revenue generated, and other sales metrics which allows for continual sales optimization as well as testing such as with sales scripts, objection handling, and more. Since your sales team has a more refined role, they are able to close more customers which increases their value and capacity by letting digital systems complete other sales tasks even better and with more scalability.

The final component of a digital sale throttle is to measure the revenue being generated understanding that not all revenue can be tracked but a majority of it can be based on the business model and sales tracking technologies that are implemented. Being able to track revenue gives business owners a clear return on their investment. They know precisely if they are getting $3 or even $10 back for every dollar invested. They then take into account their profit margin and determine the breakeven return needed to be worth scaling our efforts. We then make improvements and prepare to scale.

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