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A business wants to generate more business so they hire a marketing company. Years later they realize they don’t own the website they have put their blood, sweat, and tears into. It’s a shitty situation regardless of the final outcome.

Some marketing companies would probably call us stupid for making so clients can so easily fire us. We set clients up so that you can change a few passwords and have 100% control of your online presence. You can block anyone out at any point. That’s how it should be versus us trying to make it hard to leave us as a client like a large majority of marketing companies operate. We like the pressure of having to drive results and add value every month or else you can fire our asses. We deserve it if we don’t drive results.

The most important online assets to flat-out own and control are the domain, website files, and email. Fortunately, there are very few marketing companies who will try to say they own your business domain since a lawsuit would surely prove otherwise. But there are marketing companies out there who make contracts so you are basically renting a site from them. Like any rental, your site becomes a liability rather than an asset for your business.

We believe in the “Full-Access Business Owner” by setting clients up with a core foundation that is not reliant on any one company. We make sure your online presence is customized for your goals and that you have complete control. Why is this not mentioned on any other marketing agency websites? Good question.

The most transparent, hard-working, value-driven, and creative marketing team you will ever experience. We could easily charge more money but we would rather over-deliver and have you tell all your friends and family members about us. Help us out and we help you out. We are partners with our clients. We do everything we can all day long to increase their bottom-line. I have been at BBQ’s and someone said they are going to do a spring cleanup and I dropped Burton Outdoor Living as having a high-quality product and great service so they can point my buddy in the right direction.

How To Be A Full-Access Business Owner

Website Files

You need a backup of your entire website saved to your own hard drive because you deserve that. You put enough effort into making your site.


You can view the website whois.net which is an old favorite for looking up information on domains. This site can show you who is domain registrar so that you can gain access your domain whether you need to go through the “forgot password” process or not.


If your entire domain has been pointed to another domain then your email is through the server of that person the domain is pointed towards. We usually only make DNS changes that affect your website as we are not IT experts. We also advise clients to backup their existing emails so that we simply need to get their email working on the new setup.

Website Hosting

There are a ton of shitty website hosting companies out there. Even top national companies suck, I don’t know what it is. We thankfully found InMotion Hosting who offers powerful Virtual Private Servers for $25/month which means you own an entire sick ass server that has tons of power and can be fully customized for your site. Better yet, you never need to move your site unless you need to scale up due to traffic volume.

Here is a link that shows you our favorite InMotion Hosting Packages. We do get affiliate credit but since this is our favorite host it only made sense to apply to the affiliate program. This affiliate link pays for the beer. Please give us free beer by clicking link below if you do signup for one of these servers.

Recommended InMotion Hosting Servers

Why the hell do marketing companies try to trap small business owners who don’t know better?