DIY Local SEO Expert Audit

By January 10, 2018Local SEO

Our goal is to provide small business owners with the tools to be more successful. Local service businesses can especially benefit from tapping into the Google Local Map results. It can be confusing and hard to do so though.

Yes, you can spend months learning how to do it and maybe you are successful, maybe you aren’t. We have been providing local SEO expert services for the last 5 years and can shed some light to give you immediately actionable steps you can do yourself with ease.

Below is a video that shows the core foundation of your Google Local Maps marketing and the first steps you must take before even reaching out to an internet marketing company like us. We want to save you some moolah and take a transparent approach that puts us on the same team for your success. This is much better than over-invoicing like many other marketing companies will do.

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