The Levels Of Digital Marketing & Sales Tracking


Sales has changed thanks to the new Digital Age. Now your sales must leverage the top digital technologies in order to gain an advantage. If you are relying on outdated marketing and sales technologies than your business is leaving sales on the table as well as missing out on valuable profit-driven insights which your competitors […]

What Is “Brand Lift” & How Does It Impact Sales?


In most industries a 5% conversion rate of turning online visitors to new leads would be solid. That means that 95% of online visitors are not converting their first visit and in a measurable way. That is why it is important to have digital follow up systems in place to get back in front of […]

Are You In Control Of Your Sales Growth?


The level of sales control that is achievable by leveraging digital technologies and opportunities is far beyond what was possible in the Pre-Digital Age. For example, say my goal was to dig a hole. Say I gave 7 of my team members shovels and one team member an excavator. Who could dig the hole more […]