Can You Benefit From Google Search Marketing?

google search marketing

Thirty business owners standing in a circle at 8:48 am with no free drink tickets or anything more than some finger foods no one has yet dived into sitting on the table in the center.

As each business card gets chosen for that lucky soul to scream their elevator pitch across the room, you wait there listening but also practicing your 30 seconds of glory in your own head.

“Jonathan Parker with Recharged Business Solutions”

Your name gets called and you have a sudden realization that what you do is super complex but also very simple.

Usually, I butcher this opportunity as I am more of an online marketer than network marketer.

But luckily for a blog post, I can fine tune my elevator pitch on my own time.

“I help businesses grow rapidly fast.”

Ok, that is not specific enough.

“I work with local service businesses and national transport/auto companies to rapidly increase their sales by using Google search engine.”

If only I could say that as clearly as I can write it.

People then approach me after everyone has been given their 30 seconds of fame.

They ask me to elaborate. The problem is, I’m much better at talking about solutions than selling myself.

A few people will look at me not sure about the value of what I do or think I am just another “online marketer”.

They, of course, don’t realize that most marketing companies sell you on long-term contracts and solutions you don’t truly need. Most marketing companies don’t take the time to truly understand your business and what your long-term goals are. Most marketing companies also treat you like a number versus royalty. Last time but… most marketing companies don’t focus enough on ROI. Remember the only reason you invest in a marketing company is to increase your net profit, not just revenue.

So eventually though, by just human nature, I am blatantly told “You’re just another person telling me you can get me number one on Google.” or the famous “I don’t need your services because we rely solely on word of mouth.”

Both responses I have to reach into my pocket and pitch my thigh so I don’t burst out in laughter and then I remember as a Google expert I am biased and need to enlighten my fellow entrepreneur. The thing is I love small business owners so I have a lot of passion to inform them of opportunities that exist and are proven to work. It’s my duty in life to not let these people continue on their journey without an enlightened experience.

So How Do I Enlighten The Skeptics?

It is not always easy especially when the conversation starts with them bashing me, my company, and my entire passion for life. But luckily I got skin like an elephant, wish I had the brain too but you can either have one or the other.

The first question I always ask is:

If someone has a need for your product or service but don’t know what business to choose, how do you think they find a business who can satisfy their needs?

I usually get one of two responses: 1. They ask their friends and/or family members. 2. Long pause and realization of how we help businesses, followed by telling us a general answer such as “online”.

I then ask if you need someone to inspect and clean your chimney how would you find them? Even our older (young at heart) clients I would think would turn to the old yellow phonebook but surprisingly they even admit they now just do a quick search on their favorite search engine to solve their needs.

It starts to make sense why there are over 4 billion Google searches performed each day and that it’s a pretty universal action to type in a search when you’re looking for solutions to your needs. I mean within a few seconds you can find a handful of companies in your local area and see their online reviews which are said to hold almost as much value as word of mouth leads nowadays.

Humans like working smarter not harder, so if there is a way to find solutions to their needs with a few keystrokes, us humans will use that resource.

Google vs Bing vs Other

Rarely do I hear someone who tells me their favorite search engine is not either Google or Bing. Bing only has market share since they made deals with PC and Android to be featured by default on their platforms as the primary search engine. Google is by far the 600-pound gorilla in the space and leads the way which is why we focus on Google primarily. Although, if your target audience is an older crowd (less prone to change their default search engine from Bing to Google) then we leverage Bing search to tap into that older audience with typically less spend and competition.

How Can A Business Use Google To Grow?

Back when I started this company about five years ago it was harder to persuade business owners that there was an online opportunity especially with the search results owned by powerhouse companies that spent 10x what small business owners could ever afford. But then Google Local Maps was rolled out which gave local businesses an advantage in the search results.

The early adopters jumped on-board and tripled their business quickly. Yet there was a large portion of small businesses that just didn’t understand the opportunity and an even smaller portion that was so closed minded that they immediately called what I do a scam and something “not worthy of an investment”. Funny, but many of these laggards are still sitting doing exactly what they were doing ten years ago while the open-minded entrepreneurs are buying their second, third, and fourth homes now from all the business they have robbed from the closed minded. Sorry for the harsh reality!

The important thing to keep in mind, is there are opportunities for local service businesses, national niche dominators, business-to-business companies, and everything in between. Sometimes there isn’t as much of an opportunity but we can almost always find some opportunity that exists. That is why we offer free knowledge consultations where we overload you with useful actionable steps you can take today to gain more business before even hiring us.

It use to be that business-to-business (B2B) companies would never focus on Google Search Marketing but now we are seeing everything from medical device manufacturers to circuit board manufacturers are gaining traffic from the head decision makers or their buyers who are typing in searches to seek out other alternatives outside of their current relationships to be sure they are getting the most value possible.

My question is always simple. Is the decision maker a human? How do humans find solutions? The answer is Google in case you didn’t read the content before this.

So you’re in luck. You can now land million dollar deals through Google. Don’t trust me?

Send me your top competitors and I will show you every keyword they are ranking for, how many people per month are searching for that keyword if there is profit intent, and what kind of competition there is. From there we can understand what opportunities are the best as well as see everything your competitors are doing to generate business online. Once we know that we can use that as a baseline to do additional research and blow competitors out of the water.

There are only two actions you can take right now after understanding this opportunity.

You can do nothing which is you acknowledging that you are giving business away to competitors and when you get passed by a supercar with the top down, that may be the open-minded competitor of yours who decided to take the time to learn about how he can increase his sales by showing up on Google. OR you can take action and reach out to us for a free consultation where you will talk directly to me and I will give you actionable information that will help you be more successful online.

There is no risk in reaching out to you and no pressure to move forward. We make sure your company is a good fit as much as you make sure we are a good fit for you. Our team specifically won’t take on clients unless we know we can help you be more successful.

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