You make significant investments in equipment and other assets that increase your efficiency so why would investing in the back-end efficiency of your business be any different?


What if your top sales performer quit tomorrow? How would that impact your company?

With the right cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system you could store all interactions, measure your sales reps performance, and own the relationship between your sales reps and your customers. If a sales rep were to leave, you have all the data and information to pick up customer relationships right where you left off.

My accountant years back told me to keep paper slips in my truck for client meetings to fill out each time I drove to a client meeting. I did this about three times then asked her if there was a better way to do this. She told me “I have done it this way for years and it has never failed.” I researched and found the MileIQ for my iPhone which automatically tracks everything and imports to accounting program.

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New Technologies Boost Efficiency

Times are rapidly changing and much of what was done manually or by even full roles at your company are being converted to automation and cloud-based solutions. These solutions use to be only affordable to fortune 5000 companies but now they are readily accessible to almost any size business.

Taking advantage of new technology opportunities will increase your core backend of the business efficiency. We’re sure you are already optimizing the front-end of your business by purchasing equipment, tools, and other assets that drive profits through increased efficiency.

More Efficient, More Profitable
Better Data, Better Decisions
Reduced Business Risk
Increased Accountability
Increased Scalability

Efficiency & Risk Management Solutions


Cloud-Based Solutions

Our company is 100% cloud-based so our CEO can run the company from anywhere in the world with the greatest efficiency. Cloud is now fast to upload your data and secure. With all the cloud-based solutions that exist we can point you in the right direction.


Integrations & Automation

We take your cloud-based solutions to the next level through implementing advanced integrations and automations that allow your cloud to be more efficient. We have eliminated an admin assistants work with integrations and automation here at Recharged Business Solutions.


Macro & Micro Systemization

Systemization can go deeper than you think. Macro systems are more major systems compiled of many micro systems. Micro systems are what help companies win the race long-term through reducing variables and increasing the efficiency which increases profits.


Microsoft Excel Automation

All companies use Excel in one way or another. Do you have repetitive tasks you complete? Want to reduce human error in Excel? We can automate these. We can create automated programs you can run to accomplish even more complex Excel sheet updates in seconds.


Creative Custom Solutions

We take time to thoroughly understand your businesses back-end systems so we can discover opportunities for improvement. After working with over 100 small businesses we have a large tool box of solutions we can customize to make you operate more profitably.


Measuring Efficiency

Our team does the best we can to take a baseline analysis before making efficiency updgrades so we can understand our total impact such as total time saved. We all know time is money and if we save you even 30 minutes per day that will save 120+ hours per year.

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Common Questions We’re Asked

Why have I never seen this service before?

Most marketing companies are not offering this service. We offer this service because we are efficiency and productivity fanatics. All our processes and systems are continuously innovated so we can operate as efficiently as possible. Greater efficiency, greater profit margins. We want to help you do the same.

What is the process for increasing my efficiency?

First we learn about all your businesses backend-systems. Then we deliver to you an opportunity analysis. Our team then creates an implementation plan based on the highest priorities for your business. You can have us implement everything at once or continually make progress month after month.

What type of companies is this service ideally for?

If you have specific requirements we can provide a design estimate. If the project is more open-ended we can give you an estimated range or work on an hourly basis depending on your project. Hourly basis does work better sometimes. Fix prices limit design which is why we use estimates or hourly instead.

How does pricing work for this?

Our initial learning of your systems and delivering an opportunity analysis with recommended solutions is $1500. We then jump on a monthly retainer to complete all implementation of systems. Larger retainers accomplish more per month. We track what we complete each month and deliver those items to you.