A Platform To Build Your Digitalized Business With Limitless Potential.

Growth Platform

Win In The Digital Age. More Sales, Growth, Scalability, and Business Success.

Lead Generation Platform

A machine That Will do the sales heavy lifting for you.

Our supercharged lead generation systems will find, attract, pre-qualify, convert visitors to qualified leads for your sales team to close, plus also nurture in a personalized yet automated manner with auto-follow ups and a symphony-like sales experience to match your marketing.

100% Seamlessly Integrated Marketing + Sales Automation.

When two pieces of technology do not communicate with one another then data silos exist that are not as actionable and harder to see the big picture with. We build powerful lead generation machines that are fully integrated with marketing automation, sales automation, & ROI tracking.

Optimizing Based on revenue and rOI, NOT Lead Volume!

Lead volume is not the goal. The goal is increased bottomline growth. If your digital marketing producing the same revenue it is costing then that is NOT OK. We track every dollar to your bottomline by implementing the worlds top marketing & sales technologies into your business. 

Automated Ecommerce Platform

Google Cloud Infrastructure & Only The Best Technologies.

Every layer of our Ecommerce Machines are carefully tested and intentional for increased results. It all starts with leveraging Google Cloud Infrastructure which we add the worlds best digital technologies to. Our systems handled $50k or 1000 orders in two days without breaking a sweat.

Live Shipping Calculations & Automatic Shipping Labels.

We have been out multi-national ecommerce machines equipped with the automation to make running the business a symphony-like experience. Live shipping calculations all the way down to printable shipping labels, customer tracking numbers, and integration into your internal systems.

$50k In About 48 Hours Without Any Performance Decrease.

We had a recent launch that we knew would test out our Ecommerce Machines capabilities. In about 48 hours of launch one of our clients sites got over 1000 orders and over $50k in revenue in. Most ecommerce websites would have broken or slowed majorly in performance. We saw zero change. 

NonProfit Growth Platform

An Easy To Use Mission Focused Digital Growth Platform.

Rather than sales optimizing everything, we mission optimize your digital presence instead. Tell us your missions vision and goals so we can build you a digital presence that gives you the core foundation to build upon. We love helping nonprofits which is our way of impacting the world.

Powerful Membership Automation & member monetization.

Your nonprofit marketing list, member list, donation list, and every other list can be digitalized int a powerful digital membership platform filled with automation, nurturing tools, resource sections, and the ability to monetize your members as every mission still takes a budget to fuel it!

Digital NonProfit Grant Submission & Management.

We have successfully landed each nonprofit grant submission we’ve applied for. That is because we have strict standards of who we take on for this opportunity. This is a way to increase your missions exposure, members, donations, and overall impact almost completely for free.

Digital Training Platform

Digital Training to Level Up your team In The New Age.

Think of this like taking your training binder and updating it into a digitalized resource that can train your team to do nearly anything as well as build your culture, brand, and the value you deliver. Digital training platforms help companies digitalize their knowledge into value for their customers.

Build a Profitable membership & Digital Training Program.

Adding our membership powers into your digital training machine you now can pump out online courses, digital training programs, internal company training, customer product trainings, digital classroom experiences, and do so in a way that is limitlessly flexible so that it grows with you.

Learn How To Continually Improve Based On Data Feedback.

The powerful part about a digital training program is that the way we build them out, it is very easy to see the analytics behind what is working and what parts need more work. You learn how to watch over your own analytics and we teach you how to continually improve your digital training’s. 

What Our Clients Say

Thank you on behalf of the company, employees, those that will receive donated masks, and those that now have a place to buy a mask and help others. My thanks and appreciation is beyond words.
John Rexroad
CEO at Netting.com & Masksforcitizens.com
Top notch. No other way to say it. From initial contact to final delivery Jon and his crew did everything they promised and more all with the utmost professionalism. Very happy with our decision to use Recharged Solutions.
Aaron Murtagh
Owner/GM at PROLine Trailers
The team at Recharged Business Solutions is great! They regularly analyze our website to make suggestions on new and best practices to capitalize on business leads and potential leads.
Sarah Caro
Marketing Director at Enozo.com
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