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Growth Fuel

Facebook & Instagram Ad Experts

Build Digital Intelligence That Finds Customers For you.

It is hard to comprehend how smart Facebook’s algorithm really is. When starting out on Facebook and Instagram you essentially get a Mini Marketing Brain that you can train to find new customers for you. We’ve become experts at rapidly training this mini brain into a powerhouse.

most In-Depth Targeting Options Out of All Digital Platforms.

With Google search you are focusing on people looking for what you offer but on Instagram & Facebook Advertising you can dial in your targeting based on what they enjoy doing, who they follow, life events, and other scenarios that would line up with your ideal customer.

Proactive Advertising Management and Measurable Growth.

We are proactive and treat every client dollar like it is our own. Our team watches over your account daily and have an alert system for if anything funky goes down. Things happen with technology so we make sure that we can resolve any issues while growing your account.

Getting a ton of activity from our Facebook ad and it’s paying off in spades. We had a killer sales day yesterday. Closed 8 leads for a total of over $64,000.

Aaron Murtagh, PROLine Trailers

Google Advertising Experts

Did you know that quality ads Maximize Your investment?

We have had clients who told us they have already tried Google Ads themselves and it did not work. Yet when asked about how Quality Score is calculated, they have no idea what planetary language I am speaking. Hiring our Google Advertising Expert team helps you reduce your cost per lead.

We Will tap you Into Google To Show Up In This Digital Age.

You need to show up on Google when people within your geographic area are searching directly for what you offer. There are three main ways to do this. Through Google Paid Ads, Local Map Results, or Google Organic. Google Ads get you onto the first page of Google in 48 without being a scam.

Show Up on Google Within 48 hours & Land New Business.

Our team will dive in and do extensive keyword research and analysis. We will reverse engineer what keywords are working best for your competitors and then build a strategy that takes into account your current Google presence. We will masterfully win market share on Google for you.

We have generated tens of thousands of quality leads for our clients on Google.

Jon Parker, Founder & CEO

digital NonProfit Grants

Free Digital Advertising Exposure To Boost Your Mission.

We have landed nonprofits including the Arthritis Foundation advertising grants that allow them to get their message and mission out into the digital world in a fast and effective manner. This helps nonprofits grow their organization and the impact they make on the world.

Mission Optimized Solutions That Accomplish Your Goals.

Most of our website is focused on “Sales Optimization” as that is where we originate from. But we make modifications to our winning formula for our nonprofit clients that allow us to focus on increasing donations, membership signups, and any goal they have for their mission.

Digital NonProfit Grant Submission & Management.

We cannot promise anything but we will go through the nonprofit digital advertising grant process and leverage our experience to do our best and get an approved submission. Knock on wood, we have never not landed a grant when we submitted a request but we have our own standards.

Organic Search & Social Strategy

Learn Top Organic Search Engine Exposure Strategies.

Delegating organic is kind of like handing a dude beside you a microphone and telling them to say exactly what you will whisper into their ear…in the same exact language. Your voice and your tone is your personality which often is your company’s personality. Organic should always start internally.

Learn Top Social Strategies To Monetize your Network.

Produce content with ease and throw it at your organic Facebook page. Use Facebook insights tool on your Facebook Business page to see what content has been engaged with the most. Use that as a compass to show you what type of content to produce. You also can ignite this with paid fuel.

Get 5 Star Reviews On Auto Pilot & Unlock Fast Growth.

5 Star Reviews now hold nearly as much value as a friend or family member telling you to buy something. They are an underrated tool that many are not truly capitalizing on. This can be as easy as putting your Facebook or Google review link in your invoice template. Get more 5 Stars Reviews.

Complimentary Call To Understand Your Needs.

Request Discovery Call

We come fully prepared to your call with key performance indicators from analyzing your existing digital presence and an action plan of some low hanging fruit opportunities to capitalize on now.