Gain Better Control Over Your Profits.

Non-Controllable Marketing

Not having control over your marketing and sales means you don’t have control over your growth which makes the path to success less direct.

Controllable Marketing

Investing in marketing that gives you control allows you to grow at your optimal rate to achieve your most potential faster and more efficiently.

Take Control Over Your Marketing

So you have a website or a landing page. Great! But by itself this doesn’t do much for your business. To generate new sales you need to send quality traffic to your online asset. The two main ways to do this is through organic or paid efforts. But only one gives you control…

Organic Traffic Is Like Relying On Wind


Companies that rely on organic as their primary traffic are essentially relying on the wind in their sales. The problem is that wind is inconsistent and not controllable. Yes it is free and it can get you to where you want to go, but it takes much longer to sail to your destination versus taking the speed boat.

  • Lack of control over results
  • Less consistent results
  • Hard to measure ROI
  • Hard to scale results
  • Traffic is free if on SEO retainer
  • Results take longer to achieve
  • Can be blindsided at any moment
  • Strategy changes take months

Still think organic is the best channel?

Paid Traffic Is Like Relying On Fuel


Paid ads, on the other hand, are like using a speed boat versus a sailboat for your business growth. Fuel is far more consistent and controllable than wind and can get you to your ultimate goal much faster. It costs money to use fuel but the greater precision and control, as well as the ability to forecast, is well worth it.

  • Tons of control over results
  • Consistent results
  • Precisely measure cost per new lead
  • Easy to scale
  • Pay to Play (Worth it)
  • Almost immediate results
  • Won’t be blindsided
  • Strategy changes take 24 hours

Interested in trying out a paid ads campaign?

Top Paid Traffic Opportunities


Google Paid Advertising Campaign

Google Ads tap your business into searches happening right now that are relevant to what you offer and within the geographic area you serve.

When people go online and search for your products or services it is important you show up so you at least are in the runnings of gaining them as a new customer. Our team works hard to not only make you show up but to dominate your market place.

Compared to Facebook Ads, Google tends to deliver hotter leads as people are searching for a direct need they have right when your ad shows up. Doesn’t get any more qualified of a sales opportunity then that!


Facebook Paid Advertising Campaign

Facebook is a powerful way to target a specific audience that you serve to put your business in front of them before they even search for a solution to a need they have.

With over 3 billion active users Facebook has plenty of opportunities and is great for products or services that don’t have as much Google search traffic or niche markets that are easier to reach via audience versus keywords.

New products and services, as well as offerings that have a very specific audience, can precisely tap into their ideal customers using advanced demographic and interest-based marketing.

PRO TIP: The biggest mistake many companies make is putting organic as their first priority thinking paid ads comes second. Organic is a long term strategy so it should be focused on once you generate immediate results through paid ads. Paid ads also determine what works the best through faster and more powerful experiments so you know what will work organically.

Paid Ads Common Misperceptions

I'm Concerned My Budget Will Be Wasted

We run paid ad campaigns with strict rules including daily budgets, 24/7 monitoring, continuous optimization, weekly reporting, monthly analysis, and we get alerts if anything is ever out of the ordinary. Each of your dollars will be put to work landing new sales opportunities for you.

I Don't Want To Pay For Each Click

What is a “click”? It is a person within your targeted geographic area who types their need into Google and it is highly relevant to the solutions you provide sees your company’s ad pop up and clicks on it to visit your website to learn more. Consistent hot leads who are ready to buy.

I Don't Want To Overload My Company

Paid advertising gives you the business owner full control over the speed in which you generate new sales opportunities. We have clients who give full throttle for a little bit to stress test their business systems then ease off while they catch up and prepare to scale even further next time they put down the throttle.

I Will Get Lower Quality Leads

There is no doubt referrals are one of the highest quality of lead a business can get. The only problem with referrals is that it’s not an easily scalable strategy. If you wanted to double the number of referrals you get each month consistently then it takes much more work than paid ads and the leads are still high quality.

I Don't Think Ads Will Work For Me

Before we start any project we reverse engineer your online presence as well as your top competitors to be sure there is an opportunity for your business to generate new sales opportunities. If the opportunity is there, then they will work for you it’s just the level of profitability which we continually increase.

I Don't Have The Budget For Paid Ads

If you could put $2,000 into your bank account and get $10,000 back would you say you don’t have the budget? No, you would make an investment and reap the rewards. You have to spend money to make money and pay to play.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have the budget for paid ads then you definitely don’t have the budget for SEO. SEO costs more, takes longer, and is higher risk.

Integrated marketing and sales systems for measurable ROI.

See Marketing vs Sales Performance

Usually, it’s hard to decipher between marketing and sales performance. This is no longer a problem with our integrated approach.

Improve The Quality Of Leads

Tracking your marketing to the bottom line helps determine & continually improve upon lead quality.

Convert More Leads Into Sales

A simple yet powerful system that helps qualify and close more leads through better management, follow-up, and personalization.

Win More Customers

“Revenue is the result of positive impact”

~ CEO, Jonathan Parker


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