Not only does clean minimalist design convert more visitors into leads, it also costs less to implement than multi-layer graphic design masterpieces. That’s why we focus primarily on minimalism design.


Design influences action and can come in many styles from minimalism to layers of design and custom graphics. For offline advertisements, crazy designs can be cool but a website is a different animal and shouldn’t be treated the same as a flyer.

Your primary website goal is to provide a great user-experience and influence the visitor to reach out and become a quality lead for you to convert into a sale. The minimalist design wins every time for online assets such as your website.

Minimalism design streamlines your goals to reduce distractions and increase conversions. It also reduces the number of resources that need to be loaded by a computer or mobile devices so your website loads faster. Visitors love fast websites!

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Leonardo Di Vinci was known as the father of palaeontology, ichnology, architecture, and is widely considered one of the greatest painters of all time. Also called the “Universal Genius” or “Renaissance Man” Leonardo believed simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

A clean and minimalist design is certainly the modern trend being used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small mom and pop businesses. Just think of Apple for instance and how minimalist and simple their products are. They are one of the most successful companies in the world due to minimalist design.

Our graphic design and web design services are primarily focused on delivering clean and minimalism design versus artistic multi-layer photoshop masterpieces. Below you can see some of our specific design services and learn more about what we can offer to your business.

Minimalist Design & Branding Services


Website & Mobile Design

We focus on mobile-first design as this streamlines our efforts to accomplish your goals without distractions as mobile devices have less real estate to work with. Once designed on mobile we professionally design your desktop versions.


Social Account Banners

Have you ever heard of social proof? Social media is exactly that. It gives another layer of credibility as long as your social media presence looks professional and is branded similarly to your website for a consistent branding experience.


New Logo Design

Some clients have logos that are far too complex, don’t stand out, and limit their marketing success. When this is the case, we can design a new logo which appeals more to your ideal customer and gives your brand a new modern face.


Logo Reworking

We can make you a high-resolution digital version of your logo for both offline print advertising and online marketing efforts. We also can freshen up outdated logos to give your brand a modern recharge to increase credibility.


Branding Colors & Fonts

The look and feel of your company matters. Creating a professional color scheme and choosing fonts that resonate with your ideal customers will give you an edge on your competition. Success is in the details.


Custom Branding Texture

A color scheme and freshened up logo is a great start but the finishing touch is having a custom texture made for your business. Textures are great assets on websites and all other design projects. Custom textures accent flat colors.


Email Newsletter Design

Your email newsletters need to stand out and be professionally branded to your business in a way that looks good on all email platforms. Reduce your email marketing bounce rate with a custom branded newsletter.


Photoshop Design & Editing

Whether you have a specific design project for us or we are utilizing our photoshop skills for your website and other design services, our team can accomplish your design goals and bring your wildest ideas to life.


Choosing Epic Stock Photos

Good imagery is essential to good design especially on websites. We always tell clients a $3k website with great images can look like a $5k site or with poor images can look like a $1000 site. Invest in good photos and imagery.

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Common Questions We’re Asked

Why should I choose you guys for design?

We are the perfect balance of highly skilled yet not a massive agency. This allows us to deliver professional design and branding services without the agency price tag. Rather than paying a premium to cover your agencies ping pong tables and entertainment, make your dollar go farther with our team.

How do you price custom design?

If you have specific requirements we can provide a design estimate. If the project is more open-ended we can give you an estimated range or work on an hourly basis depending on your project. Hourly basis does work better sometimes. Fix prices limit design which is why we use estimates or hourly instead.

How many revisions are included?

Our estimates vary based on the type of project but usually include one design with three rounds of revisions. For design, we track all our time for each project so we can stay within our estimated time or communicate with you in advanced if revisions require additional efforts outside estimated time.

What is expected turnaround time?

Turn-around time depends on the complexity and work involved with each project. If it’s a small photoshop project that can take us a few days to deliver the first revision.
If it’s a website redesign then 1-2 weeks is a more realistic time-frame. We can, however, accomodate to your timeline.

Do I own the rights to deliverables I receive?

We are a marketing company who believes in never holding deliverables hostage from our clients. Each design or branding deliverable is owned by you. We do have rights to use work we’ve done for you in our portfolio but you own the rights to your work – as soon as you pay for it in full that is.

Are we going to be the right fit?

Are you looking to maximize each dollar you spend or go with the most well-known agency at a premium price? We maximize dollars invested with us. Are you looking for an artistic masterpiece that has many layers and advanced photoshop requirements? We focus on cleaner design and professional photos.

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