A Frictionless Client Experience Should Be Standard

A client experience is every single interaction between a company and their clients. Imagine crafting every interaction, or touchpoint with your customers into a symphony-like experience. Would providing a “next level” experience for customers increase referrals? Would it help customers see why they should choose you over your competitors?

Did you know 93% of buying starts online nowadays?

Did you know the average person researches 6-9 potential companies before making a decision about low volume high value products?

Capititalize on these opportunities with providing a symphony-like experience that is systemized, well planned, and can run 100’s or even 1000’s of times per day with minimal manual effort.

Now, a common misperception is that automatic or automation means reduced experience as well increased technology. Another common misperception is that implementing the latest technologies for your business means making it more complex.

Let me quickly debunk these so we are able to move forwards with the new ideas that lay ahead and which require an open mind.

The automation we levarage for clients takes into account micro behaviors visitors of your website make showing exactly how engaged they are in what exact content so we can then follow them around the internet in the most least sketchy way showing highly relevant content as an auto-followup system.

Now let’s play this out in human mode…

Your sales team has to follow up with hundreds or even thousands of people by analyzing which ones did each different top action that you internally have decided shows they are a warmed up lead, then your sales team has to contact these people and carefully make sure they engage them exactly at the right time and in a way that takes into account like an FBI Negotiator level of human behavior.

Automation allows us to be more personal, increase and tailor the experience exactly for people’s intersts, allows us to do this at scale so we can provide a consistent experience time after time, and allow us to gain new layers of data for our business so we can continually improve using data-driven insights.

  • More Personalized
  • Consistent Every Time
  • Follow Up With Visitors (Pre-Lead)
  • Well Planned & Carefully Crafted
  • Less Friction To Sale
  • Solving Customers Needs Most Effectively
  • While Operating Most Efficiently
  • Overall Better Experience
  • Which Means Boosted Referrals
  • More Premium Customers
  • At More Premium Prices

On the other hand, doesn’t automation mean more technology and technology means more complex?

Automation does require far more advanced technologies. Correct.

Was there a slight learning curve to learn your smartphone? Was it worth it?

Think of how complex your smartphone is compared to the ole flip phone. The technology they pack inside each smartphone is so advanced they can’t show us any of it. Instead smartphones are built with beautiful and easy to use interfaces which we interact with.

New technology gives businesses of all sizes the ability to automate major systems that run your business including your Marketing System, Sales System, Value Delivery System, and Internal Systems. And automate in a way that makes your customers more happy and more likely to leave you a review.

Speaking of which, after delivering your service or product to a customer, if you are not automatically sending out a survey or an online review email then you are missing just 1 of about 17 low hanging fruits.

What Is Customer Experience Friction?

People are limited by time and energy which are the two things we want to reduce the need for as much as possible to respect your customer, your team, and your own time. It’s a win all around.

Our goal is to understand someones need then solve it as fast and easily as possible. Every bit of your customers time or energy involved from stranger to paying customer needs to be carefully planned and optimized to provide the best possible experience at every single interaction.

To have your company so planned out that it runs like a finely tuned lean, mean, profit-machine. Ok it can be nice or mean. Highly recommend the nice route. Mean rhymed.

All jokes aside, since we are talking about customer experience, seems obvious and funny to think of running a “mean” business but it happens. Some business owners make it seem like customers calling is a nucance to their day and when they can easily Google then check reviews for other companies they just give their money to someone else who actually cares and wants your business.

Going Back And Forth Scheduling

This is the worst. You play phone tag going back and forth trying to figure out a time to schedule a consultation, meeting, free quote, etc. It is easy to use a scheduling program where you can set hours that you are free in your calendar and by sending someone a link they can click and book when it works for them while being able to see your availability. Calendly is one program that has a good reputation.

Not Accepting Credit Cards Through Online Invoices

But it costs like 3% extra that comes out of my pocket!

You will get paid faster, easier, and provide a more professional and credible experience that will help increase referrals. When someone shows up, completes a job, and asks for a check made out to them directly you don’t get the same warm fuzzy feeling as when you get a professional online invoice.

That 3% savings is chasing pennies versus dollars and is creating more friction for your customers.

Not Leveraging Email Automation

Email automation adds a nice touch and can be done in a personalized, highly relevant way that can adapt to your leads or customers exact behaviors. Email automation is you filling out an online form and getting an email welcoming you to their business and who to contact if you need immediate assistance.

Not Systemizing Your Marketing & Sales Systems

Your customer experience has 3 major layers which are Marketing, Sales, and Value Delivery. Each of these are systems as businesses are essentially just groups of systems that solve a problem and get paid in doing so. Now if you leverage top technologies you can take the same business and ignite it.

I am talking about growing at rapid yet controllable speeds. Just like having a throttle. This is not a fairy tail. Neither is tracking your marketing return on investment down to the bottomline and down to the penny. When there are no grey numbers in your stranger to customer experience then you dominate.

You gain confidence in your investment and are therefore able to play at a higher level.

You see, if your competitors spend say $2k per month online and we spend $4k then you get a ton more data to more rapidly improve. While also gaining over twice the amount of new customers and unlock more advanced tactics that help us grow at even more accelerated speeds.

If your goal is to do what your competition is doing then you are a commodity who will attract tire kickers and price hunters versus premium customers.

~ Jon Parker, Founder of Recharged Business Solutions

And this is the hard truth and number one driving force behind why it is profitable and economical to make your customer experience as frictionless and symphony-like experience as possible using live data-driven feedback. This is the formula for exponential growth and domination of market share.

My life passion is building the most advanced yet simple to use marketing & sales systems that futureproof our clients businesses and provides new layers of data to continually improve with.

Keeping in mind, the fuel for business growth are new customers. More sales solve most problems in a business. Improving your marketing and sales systems is the root solution that can solve so much.

Not Using Data To Rapidly Improve

Cloud based solutions help with this. The more systems in your business that run in the cloud the better as the cloud unlocks the highest level of data-driven insights.

The business who can gain the most insightful data from each experience and use it to quickly make improvements to their business systems are the Fortune 5000 top performers.

Your goal may not be to become a Fortune 5000 company but even as a small local service business you can leverage top technologies to tap into the latest opportunties to grow your business faster.

Not Using Your Website As A Scalable Sales Pitch

Not using your website to be a scalable sales pitch to answer all your customers questions while bringing them through the buying decision process and converting them from strangers to leads for your sales team to then close AND TRACK YOUR ROI.

Expert Tip: Jot down frequently asked questions and add them as content onto your website so that your website does the heavy lifting and informs customers instead of you.

Why Companies Provide A Friction Experience

After consulting over 100 companies here are the top reasons why businesses are reluctant to move forward in new ways that will improve their customer experience.

  • This Is How We’ve Always Done It
    • By itself, this one mindset acts as an invisible anchor to businesses as it limits innovation, modern technologies, modern opportunties, and rides on dying inefficient systems. Not to mention it is the exact opposite of continual improvement.
  • Misperception or Lack of Information
    • The most common reason for not progressing a business into the modern age is based on misperceptions which result from a lack of information. We love helping companies gain clarity around what the future version of their business will look like.
  • Short Term Focused Chasing Pennies vs Dollars
    • We live in a society of instant gratification and often times short term dominates long term. By not wanting to improve your customer experience, operational efficiency, profitability, ease of managing & growing your company than you are probably chasing pennies.
  • Closed Minded or Just Plain Selfish
    • Again, a bit harsh but true. Close mindedness limits business potential. Selfish sounds like this “We only accept checks” aka we don’t care what is best for our customers experience with our company we instead would rather stick to an old, slow, and inefficient way to get paid.

Other than that, the only business owners who do not want to progress their business into the future are those who like their clothes hand-washed. Just got to let these people live out their hobby…shoot I mean busy-ness, shoot I mean business.

Businesses who will win tomorrow and every day after are the businesses who deliver frictionless experiences at every interaction as apart of their own standards to be a premium company who can attract the most premium customers who pay premium prices.

In Summary

Reduce friction to increase experience, profitability, and referrals. Unlock a better experience for business owners, team members, customers, referrals, and even strangers.

Even small businesses can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging top technologies to capitalize on modern opportunities and use data feedback to continually improve at a rapid rate. This competitive advantage is exponential and unattainable without using modern technologies.

We can build a customized algorithm that attracts more sales opportunities of higher quality than 978 sales reps and can automatically follow up, pre-qualify, nurture, and deliver your sales team with a hot qualified person ready to buy.

Let me know if you have any questions you can contact me!

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