Written by Jon Parker on Nov. 11th 2018
Let’s face it. Almost every business out there would love to generate more leads and have higher sales. When these numbers go up, so does your bottom line.

But it can be tough to make this happen on your own, especially if your past efforts haven’t worked out that well. A marketing consultant is the perfect solution in this case.

They’ll come in with fresh eyes and be able to help you increase your leads and sales. At Recharged Business Solutions, this is our specialty. In fact, we guarantee a 100% increase in monthly leads...
Written by Jon Parker on Sept. 9th 2018
What worked in the past isn’t always the best solution. Business owners who stay up to date gain advantages from increased efficiency, increased sales, and understanding new opportunities.

Technology changes rapidly and your business needs to change with it. Having the mentality of “it worked in the past and still works today” closes your mind for new solutions that can make you more profitable with far fewer efforts...
Written by Jon Parker on Oct. 11 2018
Let’s double the number of new customers we land next week – but then go back to where we are at now. This way we can find weak points to fix so we can consistently serve twice as many new customers.

Imagine having this level of control over your marketing.

Gaining control like this over marketing makes your sales more controllable and consistent. The consistency, controllability, and scalability of your sales determine just how your company operates. Relying on inconsistent marketing efforts will make your company inconsistent by nature as sales are the fuel for any business...
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