You go to a trade show or conference and get some good contacts as well as exposure. There is no doubt your ideal customers were in that room. Some exchanged information with your sales team while others walked past and simply noted down your company to research further.

Your sales team is unfortunately limited to only who they exchanged info with and the quick couple notes they jotted for each prospect. 

Did you know that for B2B websites less than 5-10% of all traffic converts on average which means that 90%+ of the quality potential customers you send to your website just vanish. 

Fortunately we’ll show your sales team the power of sending prospects to your website so that we can enable automated follow up based on their specific online behaviors.

We’ll deeply understand your website visitors behaviors to auto-qualify them, follow-up specific to their behaviors, & persuade them to reach out. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what we can do for B2B companies.

“A company simply cannot reach their max potential without an integrated marketing and sales system. Our clients make an investment to unlock the next levels of their business faster and easier.”

The B2B Accelerator

Supercharge Your Sales

Amplify Sales Efforts

Your sales team is working hard so let our B2B Accelerator maximize their efforts and do the heavy lifting so they can focus on closing more sales and discovering new sales opportunities.

More Sales Opportunities

The cutting-edge & fully automated marketing system we’ll install into the front end of your business will do all the heavy lifting so your team can focus on closing your new leads.

Close More Sales

A partially automated yet relationship focused sales system that makes managing your new leads easy and is fully integrated with your marketing system to help you close more sales.

Marketing vs Sales

Now you can finally decipher between lead quality and sales performance as our fully integrated system tracks every step of your customers journey. This helps us fix any inefficiencies. 

Understanding Actual ROI

Web companies & marketing companies don’t track ROI. We do. Our B2B Accelerator System tracks your new leads all the way to your bottom line so your return is clear.

Market Research

What is knowing you are making the right decision worth to your business? Welcome to true data driven market research for your business through A/B testing & other advanced tactics.

Competing On Value, Not Price

When you compete on value it requires an above and beyond level of business. You cannot achieve that without a well rounded professional presence. We make sure you stand out and demonstrate your authority.

✓ Circuit Board Manufacturers
✓ Medical Device Manufacturers
✓ Ski Resort + Ski Resort B2B’s
✓ Commercial Video Production
✓ Architectural Products
✓ Industrial Manufacturing
✓ Extrusion/Reamer Manufacturers
✓ Commercial Local Home Services
✓ Commercial Landscape Products
✓ Construction Companies

How We Guarantee Results or Your Money Back

What if this doesn’t work for my business? If things aren’t working even in the first week, our team can easily determine which part isn’t working and make changes. Everything is sequential so it’s easy to spot bottlenecks to focus optimization efforts on. 

We constantly test, measure, and improve your results so there really is no such thing as our marketing and sales system not working. But, in any case, we would refund you 100% of your investment with us if it didn’t generate more leads per month for you.

Our B2B Accelerator Drives Results

In six weeks, my North American start-up focused on a difficult–to-reach niche industry was keenly branded and created with an extraordinarily easy user experience. All of this plus unique navi bars and call-to-actions were wrapped in beautiful industry related design. I could not be happier.
Beth L
Steep Management
Top notch. No other way to say it. From initial contact to final delivery Jon and his crew did everything they promised and more all with the utmost professionalism.
Aaron M
PROLine Products
We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jonathan and his staff at Recharged Solutions.
Chris O

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