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The Road less taken

The Long Route

Back in 2012, Jonathan Parker founded Recharged Business Solutions on a mission to give small to midsize businesses access to modern day opportunities and technologies so they can grow faster & with greater ease. 

Coming from a family of nearly all small business owners, Jon has been around business his whole life even from a young age with his neighborhood landscaping services, at college tuning skis for…book money, and then taking a leap of faith by starting Recharged Business Solutions.

Mr. Parker has personally contributed over 30,000+ hours worth of delivering solutions, results, research & development to small business all the way up to large multi-billion dollar companies. The solutions we deliver come from putting in the time, doing the work, and systemizing more – which is the foundation for igniting client results.

When we first started serving clients we relied solely on Google organic results to generate new customers. The problem was if a client had a new website, it could take us up to 90-180 days to deliver good results. It also was a lot riskier as Google’s website rankings fluctuated a lot and could be dropped at any point. 

So in 2013 we started testing with paid ads on Google to see how dollar for dollar they compared with organic since we had been doing solely organic for about a year at this point. Soon after testing we learned just how consistent, controllable, reliable, measurable, and scalable paid ads really are. 

The screenshot above is right from our Google Ads accounts as of 8/20/19 showing our current account stats. You can see we have spent $292k and on average our cost per ad click is $1.13 but more importantly we generated 6,260 leads at an account-wide average of $15.03 cost per lead across our client accounts.

great results for all clients

Just Our Google Account

We're Just Getting Started

Future-proofing businesses by implementing the latest technologies to tap into the top modern day opportunities to ignite our clients results. Dedicating ourselves to our clients success and making every decision based on “what delivers the most value to our clients”. 

Each component of our solutions is broken down into micro processes that are tracked, monitored, measured, and improved based on data-driven feedback unlocking the highest value solutions possible.

We’ve also added a few additional skill sets like marketing automation, complete ROI tracking, crafting powerful experiences based on micro-behaviors, and implementing cloud-based infrastructures.

24/7/365 Support

When it comes to technical support whether this is on your website or marketing automation, we have 24/7/365 support with 8 hour max response times so we will never slow you down, only speed you up.

Easily Book Strategy Calls

If you have a strategy, campaign related, or just high-level question then you can in two clicks schedule a call with one of our expert marketing consultants who can provide you clarity & assist you.

Highest Level Of Solutions

We continually build out a systemized, highly detailed processes for each component of each solution. This allows us to run through these systems and continually improve them based on data feedback.

Crystal Clear Results

We consolidate our efforts based on the 80/20 rule to see what processes are the most valuable then focus on finding even 1% improvements within those top high performing systems. Fundamentally, you can't do better.

What We solve

Here are the gaps we can solve for your business

By removing gray numbers in your marketing and sales numbers we are able to accurately track the ROI of your marketing investment.

Top modern day sales opportunities require modern day technology to capitalize on and maximize your ROI from.

Implementing new technology is much easier than it sounds as we make this process easy and seamless for our clients. New technology means working smarter not harder by use smart programs, algorithms, and automations.

By providing a superior experience at every customer interaction you will attract more premium people willing to pay premium rates for the best.

7 years, 100 companies worked with, 30,000 hours worth of providing solutions and results, across 20+ different industries.

Why You Should Reach Out

We've Engaged You

If you are reading this then you have read at least one more page of our site that engaged you enough to keep spending your limited time checking us out. We engaged you just like we will engage your customers. Our goal was to get you to this page and read this.

We Want To Support You

Have you ever felt like you are being a pain by asking for changes on your website or other support tasks? Quite frankly, our support was not world class for a while but now we offer unlimited 24/7/365 for all technical issues. Strategy calls can be booked weekly in just two clicks.

We Care More Than Others

Jon, our founder, is a borderline perfectionist who carefully crafts every micro experience to create premium companies who attract premium customers. Using cutting-edge technology, Jon and his team can convert your business from coming off as a commodity to being viewed as the best. It’s like nitrous for growth.

A true Win Win relationship

A win win relationship is you give us a shot, we won’t let you down as it is in our best interest to drive results, so we can then prove ourselves and move you to a larger investment to generate even more results. This is a transparent win win where if we help you grow by driving results then you help us grow by investing more in us.

You Get Direct Access To Our Founder

Our founder Jon Parker has consulted startups to multi-billion dollar conglomerates, has optimized web hosting servers, built websites from scratch, ranked nationally organically, done hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of SOLELY running paid advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. He also has one of the largest creative solution toolboxes and is determined to make you more successful. Our goal is world class everything. Nice & simple.

Almost Too Much Innovation

To be quite honest, we love research and development more than any other part of what we do. We roll some really cool yet beta stuff out to our inner circle to test out and if the value is there we will continually develop it. We are legit addicted to be on the top trends, reading the market, and rather than focusing on where the ball is, we focus on where the ball is going as good as the top in the world agencies and top digital masterminds.

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Learn more about our technologies and solutions to see if we are a good fit to ignite your business growth, increase operational efficiency, and convert customers into referral machines through a symphony-like experience.