About Our Team

Passionate, Competitive, Innovative

Passion is one of the most powerful forces in the world. When a team is built on true passion there is no stopping it. Our hobby is our work and our work is apart of us. Every day we continually improve upon our skills, systems, and effectiveness as we each want to be the best at what we do. We are dedicated to your success and won’t settle for less.


Jonathan Parker | CEO, Sales & Marketing Consultant

Founded in 2012, Recharged Business Solutions was created by Jon as a mission to bring more consistency and control over generating sales online. Mr. Parker has packaged his decade of marketing and sales expertise into cutting-edge automated selling machines tailored to local service businesses and larger B2B companies. After personally managing over $500k+ on Google and Facebook advertising platforms which have generated 10’s of thousands of quality leads, Jon uncovered the 20% that drives 80% results and spends every day continually improving these core highest impact components with creative innovation.


Chuck S. | Branding & Content Strategy

Chuck has over a quarter-century worth of experience in marketing, branding, and content strategy. His commitment to timeless principles yet creative futuristic ideas make him a vital asset to our team. Chuck is apart of our secret weapon for making you cut through the noise and rise above the rest of your competitors. Chuck not only writes sentences that are filled with impact, drive emotion, and influence conversions – but he also writes so that all content is optimized for users AND search engines. This helps get the maximum amount of value per content asset produced.

Matic | Advanced Analytics Expert

Matic has almost a decade worth of extensive hands-on experience with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and conversion optimization projects within Google Optimize. His experience ranges from less than 1,000 to over 1 million monthly visitor websites. Matic continuously finds new ways to gain even better insights to determine the rest of our teams highest impact efforts. From advanced custom reporting to A/B testing and conversion optimization, Matic plays a major role in deeply understanding the results we are driving.


Sam | Full-Stack Developer

Sam is a website wizard. He is solution-focused, efficient, creative, yet disciplined. His code is clean and powerful. Every line is mobile-responsive, speed optimized, secure, compatible among top browsers, functional, trackable through analytics, and up to Google’s latest standards. If Sam can’t find an already made solution to use and modify for your site he is not scared to build his own custom solution which shows just how powerful of an asset Sam is to our team.


Matt Parker | Marketing Specialist

Matt is an official 100% creative beast who can plan, shoot, edit, and create content masterpieces. He is a photographer, videographer, drone flyer, and audio producer that helps take our content to the next level through engaging multimedia. A website is essentially just content posted online so if you’re content isn’t engaging then your site won’t be successful no matter how fast or mobile-friendly it is. Good thing Matt is here to help make your site stand out, increase your conversion rates, and boost your sales. Matt not only produces amazing content but can build epic landing pages for our local service clients.

The Power of Our Combined Team

✓ Out Strategize Competitors
✓ Increase Sales Opportunities
✓ Efficiently Manage New Leads
✓ Increase Your Closing Ratio
✓ Clear Return on Investment
✓ Streamline Team Efficiency
✓ Easily Implement With Team
✓ Training & World-class Support

Delivering The Best Possible Experience

Optimizing the experience you deliver to customers will break you free from ever having to compete on price. It will help you stand out and not be viewed as a commodity like the companies who are strictly competing on price.

Every point of contact throughout your customer journey which starts when they first come across your company and never really ends. That is if you want to turn one-time customers into lifetime customers.
When every point of contact is optimized for the most professionalism, efficiency, and consistency that is when you attract tons of new customers. Our sales system will be like throwing gasoline on the fire.

You’ll never compete on price again. Instead, compete on value like the top brands such as Starbucks, Apple, and Nike. Better experience, more referrals, and greater lifetime value. This is how you win and rise above the rest.
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