A Win-Win Partnership For Greater Success

Impact is the driving force for revenue. Therefore, you must deliver the most impact to achieve the most revenue.

Coming from a family of all business owners...

Business has always played a major role in my life from picking up pine cones for a penny a piece to tuning skis in college for beer money and then now…

One thing I realized from growing up around business owners is when business was good, life was good. Yet when business was slow, life slowed down accordingly.

What if I could help businesses live out their utlimate dreams and maximum potential?

How would I do that? What would be needed to do that?

Well the fuel for a business is sales. So it would make sense for me to help businesses gain more control over their sales so they had the power to scale up faster.

But how could I make this a reality?

There are so many aspects to digital marketing so what would the winning formula look like?

How can I apply the 80/20 rule to determine the 20% of all digital marketing that leads to 80% of the results and become best in the world at just that?

Fast forward two years of in-the-trenches work and it’s time to revisit our entire branding strategy to build a focused direction that we can dominate.

Consulting seemed really fun so started offering that as a primary package yet clients were more interested in the somewhat tangible assets such as sales optimized websites and powerful digital advertising strategies we craft.

We decided to get back to our roots and our true expertise that when we talk with clients and show them our knowledge we expect to hear “Holy Shit” at least three times during the conversation or we aren’t satisfied with the value we are delivering.

Our team here at Recharged Business Solutions is on a mission to bring more consistency and control over business growth to achieve double-digit annual growth.

~ Jonathan Parker, CEO of Recharged Business Solutions

Meet The Masterminds Behind Your Success

Jon Parker

CEO, Digital Advertising Expert

Matt Parker

Marketing Specialist

Arthur N.

Facebook Strategist

Matic P.

Analytics Genius

Daniel S.

Lead Developer

A Perfect Strategic Synergy

We partner with creative agencies for our client’s content needs but also to maximize their own clients content through increased exposure.

Measurably produce more revenue for each piece of content created.

We do this through digital advertising, web development, and advanced analytics. We’ll do the technical stuff while you build epic content!

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We deliver so much more than the competition

What Makes Us Different

Maximized Results Using 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule states that 20% of efforts lead to 80% of results. Therefore, we have made it our mission to find the 20% in online marketing that leads to the 80% results. This is apart of how we can deliver more ROI than competitors.

Agency Results Without Agency Price Tag

Agencies outsource work to us and use our deliverables as their own which we’re happy to provide. The solutions we deliver are agency grade yet cost much less. We are the technical masterminds who can craft your strategy, build your vehicle/website, and enable you to give your business as much throttle as you’d like.

Transparency & Open Communication

Our goal is to make ROI as transparent and easy to measure as possible. The transparency we expect out of our results will be delivered to you as an executive summary & recaps. Open communication helps us serve you at the highest level.

A Win-Win Long Term Partnership

When you invest with us to grow your business by increasing your sales every month then we know that by delivering results you’ll want to invest more into us. You know, to scale things up a bit and give your business growth a bit more throttle.

A Team Of Experts, Not Account Managers

Every person on our team is an expert in their vital role. We spend more expert level time on our campaigns and websites than most other marketing & advertising companies. You’ll notice the impact on your website and digital advertising results.

Our Scientific Approach To Increasing Sales

A business is essentially a group of systems and what’s systemized can be tested. Your business is one large scientific experiment that when you view it like this you can see all the data that can be used to make more profitable decisions.

Integrated marketing and sales systems for measurable ROI.

See Marketing vs Sales Performance

Usually, it’s hard to decipher between marketing and sales performance. This is no longer a problem with our integrated approach.

Improve The Quality Of Leads

Tracking your marketing to the bottom line helps determine & continually improve upon lead quality.

Convert More Leads Into Sales

A simple yet powerful system that helps qualify and close more leads through better management, follow-up, and personalization.

Win More Customers

The fuel for business growth is sales so call us a refueling station.

If you control your sales then you control your growth. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have control over their sales. Let us help you gain more sales consistently each month.

More Opportunities

More opportunities to increase your profits.

Better Insights

Better data means more profitable decision making.

More Customers

Quality opportunities that deliver premium customers.

Better Efficiency

Work the same hours while increasing your bottomline.

More Confidence

Consistent sales boost investment confidence and fast growth.

Better Scalability

Unlock the ability to grow at whatever speed you’d like.