Recharged Solutions

Our Positive Impact.

We ‘futurize’ businesses by implementing cutting-edge technologies, frameworks, and processes to unlock modern opportunities that accelerate business growth with control & predictability.

For almost a decade we’ve been building client solutions that we compiled into our modern day growth platform to rocket results, ignite success, and enable businesses to grow faster.

Over 70% of Businesses Fail.

A business owner takes a leap of faith, follows their passion, takes their best shot at their dream, and then 7/10 times have to close down shop often with a financial burden.

There is a global epidemic of dying dreams taking place which I have a burning desire to combat as it is apparent that the current way society approaches small businesses gets a 30% as a test grade, or a straight up “F”. A major change is needed as this is not ok.

Equally as bad, most business owners compromise on their dreams and get stuck at a level where they can remain for years or the rest of their life. It’s stagnant, not exciting, uninspiring, and the number one cause of this is a lack of ‘growth control’, as I call it.

Build solutions around needs.

Build solutions around needs is the only rule I had when starting Recharged Business Solutions in 2012, born on a mission to help small business owners nearly ensure success, accomplish goals faster, and remain successful long term.

But first we had to define the top priority solution to focus on that could help solve many other problems that commonly exist in a small business today.

Sales fuel business growth. Increasing sales also helps solve nearly any other problem in a business. Therefore if businesses can control their sales, they can control their growth while solving an array of other problems that result in a lack of sales control.

‘Growth control’ is the secret.

For the record, I have never come across the term ‘growth control’ so from here on out I, Jonathan Parker, am the one who coined it. Now that that’s settled…

‘Growth control’ comes from having control over your sales which fuel your business. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have, how good your portfolio is, client testimonials, or anything else. What matters is can you increase and decrease sales when you’d like? 

Although, increasing sales alone is not enough to gain true growth control as rapidly increasing your sales will stress test each and every other system of your business in regards to marketing, sales, customer experience, and internal operations.

The long route which very few take.

When your close friends start sending you text messages like “Are you still alive?” then you know it’s time to take a single evening off once per month then get back to work immediately the next morning often times forgetting to even eat breakfast.

Yes, that is actually how I lived for a long period of time because when you dive deeply into a huge problem that millions are facing with an open mind to do whatever it takes to solve, you live with such a burning passion everyday that needs to be satisfied.

I was born into a family of nearly all small business owners, have always lived the small business lifestyle (both the good & bad), started my own landscaping business very young, went to college for marketing, and have spent a decade helping businesses.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat.

I’ve worked with over 20+ different industries solving a whole magnitude of different business problems with an exploratory “say yes to it all” then genuinely solve attitude.

Professional athletes are told to learn other sports as those new skills can translate into improvements in their primary sport. I just followed what professional athletes do.

And by doing so built a ‘digital toolbox’ of skills, technologies, systems, and processes that is 10x larger, more diverse, and more capable of creating powerful solutions.

Our approach to building solutions.

We ask small business owners and their team good questions, listen carefully, identify surface level opportunities, understand potential root causes, and then go to work solving what we have discovered to be acting as an invisible growth anchor.

Since we have done this for a decade we know that there are really only ever three things that hold back small business growth which are lacking sales control, not knowing the numbers, and not having the right people/process/product.

A high majority of the time it comes down to not having a system in place to generate new customers as you please. So this is where we focus our efforts first. And to solve this we spent a decade researching, testing, implementing, and improving our solution.

Creatives who run a tight ship.

My business majors in college were Marketing and Finance as I wanted to fuel my marketing passion while always keeping the numbers in perspective. Marketing’s sole purpose is to increase sales and therefore marketing efforts must be measurable.

I love creative flow. But I have a strict rule. To only build marketing assets with one goal which is to increase results and bottomline growth. For this to take place, we must not get caught up in shiny object syndrome and think we need to do 100 different things.

It’s more effective to determine the winning horse for your modern day growth and go all in. But in order to do so, this marketing channel would need to be 100% measurable so the approach is controlled and numbers are turquoise tropical ocean clear.

The types of companies we focus on.

Local service businesses who provide services of at least $1-2k in value and who want to grow plus have an open mind to do so. Many of our clients fall within the home improvement category but we also have vast experience in automotive and more.

But the real questions are:

Do you think this online digital age is just a fad or is it the future?

Do your customers use Google and Facebook?

Do your customers visit websites to learn more?

Are your customers doing more things from their mobile phones?

Do your customers shop at premium brands such as Timberland boots?

Are consumer trends moving more online or more offline?

Does it make more sense to spend a dollar on a flyer blasted at many or a precise digital ad that was triggered when someone searched for exactly what it is you offer?

What is the opportunity cost of each dollar you invest in efforts that grow less effective every day such as flyers versus investing that same dollar into your highest ROI effort?

Do you think your industry is price sensitive or could it be that your company is portraying itself online in a way that makes people view it as a commodity?

If you cannot measure the ROI of a marketing effort does it make sense to invest in additional marketing efforts that can’t be measured just so you group them all together in hopes that if some things don’t work they will collectively do something positive?

If your marketing budget has relatively the same allocation of budget as it did 5-10 years ago do you believe that aligns with how the modern customer makes buying decisions?

Did you know that a company could get started today, build a completely updated and modern marketing strategy that taps into new digital opportunities that didn’t exist even 5-10 years ago, and make a major dent on an established local giant within months?

Great Communication

Great communication creates a proactive and near symphony-like client experience that grows trust, respect, and results.

Measurable Results

Our burning passion is igniting our client’s success through measurable digital results that unlock ‘growth control’.

Cutting Edge Technology

Technology is what drives data which is the modern day business advantage – as long as you know how to use it.

Data Driven Improvements

The primary business objective is learning based on data and to make improvements that can be measured to the bottomline.

Headquartered in Portsmouth, NH

From NH's Seacoast

Founded back in 2012 by owner Jonathan Parker, Recharged Business Solutions was born from a lifetime of living among small business owners, understanding their challenges, and a desire to build a platform in which business owners can use to accelerate their growth and success.