Sales Solve Everything. We Solve Sales.

We build profit-machines that finally put you in control of your sales. This is the difference between a good company and a great company. Between a million and a multi-million dollar company.

Cut To The Chase

Control Your Sales, Grow Faster.

The problem with word-of-mouth and other traditional marketing is that it isn’t very controllable, consistent, or scalable. When sales depend on uncontrollable channels such as word of mouth then the business growth becomes uncontrollable.

Companies invest in our profit-machines to gain almost complete control over their sales. It’s like having a throttle for your growth that enables you to grow at your optimal rate to avoid all the problems that come with growing too fast or slow.

How Valuable Is Each Customer?

It is crucial for us to understand the value of each new customer. We use that to understand what we can spend to acquire new customers while remaining profitable. This gives us an initial target to aim for and then continually improve upon.

Increase customer satisfaction to increase lifetime value. Add more value to your offering to increase the price as another way to increase LTV.

ARPA = Average Revenue Per Account | Churn = % of Customers Who Are Lost | LTV = Average Customer Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value Calculator

How’s Your Sales Performance?


If 5 quality leads reach out to your company how typically will become customers?

If you close 3 out of 5 quality leads then your closing ratio is 60%. Not bad.

Now we can understand the value per lead and how many leads we need for any sales goal.

We use this average value per lead in your analytics tracking to get a more accurate picture.

This is where most marketing companies stop and the data remains grey.

We take it to the next level…

We Track Actual ROI Versus Estimated

See If We're A Good Fit

It’s like having a fleet of articifially intelligent sales experts who consistently generate new leads.

The Opportunity Cost

Business owners will hire golf pros, private ski clinics, and scuba diving lessons yet not even think about doing the same for their business. Maybe because there is not an immediate pain. At least from the surface. But when you dig deeper you see the opportunity cost of all the lost business to your more tech-savvy competitors.

If your business was consistently landing an additional 3-5 new jobs per month how would that impact your sales? What if you were landing hundreds of new leads per month? Our systems allow you to scale up as you please and with complete control. Missing out on 10’s of thousands of dollars is beyond enough reason to at least schedule a strategy call to learn more.

Level Up Your Business. Level Up Your Life.



Consistent. Controllable. Measurable. Scalable.

This is the future of marketing & sales.

More Ways We Can Help You Grow


Connect Your Brain To Google

We’ll help you connect your knowledge directly to Google so you can turn your brain into an asset that supercharges your marketing and sales.


Increase Quality Sales Opportunities

Control the number of new leads you generate each month like a throttle for your business increasing both the consistency and scalability of your sales.


Convert More Leads to Sales

Efficiently manage a higher volume of leads and decipher between lead quality and sales performance to make more profitable decisions.


Make People Love Your Company

When customers or clients fall in love with your company they then tell everyone they know about you and become life-long customers.


Creative Solutions to Scale Up

Scale and level up your business with greater ease, consistency, and data so that you can accomplish your ultimate life dreams even sooner.


Impact The World More

We help non-profit organizations make a bigger impact on this world by providing them with a marketing framework for accelerated growth.


Recharged Business Solutions drove over 2000 tracked leads for Burton Outdoor Living through Google marketing efforts.

Jack Burton, Owner at Burton Outdoor Living

Bow Auto Parts has had nothing but positive feedback on their new updated website design and developed by Recharged Business Solutions and has helped increase our traffic significantly.

Chris Lindquist, GM at Bow Auto Parts

Recharged Solutions has delivered 120 new leads over the past two seasons to Wall & Paver Guyz. These leads were people searching for someone to complete their patio or retaining wall within a 30-mile radius.

Keith Smith, Owner of Wall & Paver Guyz

Recharged Business Solutions significantly increased the number of new calls and emails we received through our website for those looking to hire someone to move their home. These emails and calls are from throughout New England.

The Geddes Family, Geddes Building Movers

Recharged Business Solutions delivers a clean and modern website to convert more visitors into leads. After launching new site almost 6 months ago there have been many new leads who reached out through our contact form.

Jay Kobzik, Owner of All American Walls and Pavers

We used Recharged Business Solutions to redesign and modernize our website. We had a pretty big site with over 60 pages and several dozen products to be incorporated... they absolutely knocked it out of the park. Great lines of communication were established from the beginning which made the whole process seamless. Couldn't be happier with the outcome. Top notch. No other way to say it.

Aaron Murtagh, Partner at PROline Products LLC

I just want to thank you personally for your service to the Arthritis Foundation through our NH Leadership Council and your work with our Marketing and Communication staff on the Google project. It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope our paths cross in the future.

Margaret Duffy, Associate VP, Public Health & Advocacy at Arthritis Foundation

Steep Management has had over 15 requests for online demo’s and 10 of those came within two days after our email blast. We couldn’t be more pleased with the success that Jon and his team brought us.

Bob Ackland, Managing Partner at Steep Management

Strong words.. but after my experience, I believe I would recommend Jon Parker for any digital marketing project.
In six weeks, my North American start-up focused on a difficult-to-reach niche industry was keenly branded and created with an extraordinarily easy user experience. User experience is wildly important in web design. All of this plus unique navi bars and call-to-actions were wrapped in beautiful industry related design. I could not be happier. The website is a busy place.

Jon himself is probably one of the most intelligent and dependable businessmen I have worked with. Always positive, even on the most challenging deadline days. Thanks Jon.

Beth Lapointe, Sales & Marketing at Steep Management

Jon is one of the most driven, motivated, and dynamic people I've ever had worked with. Jon shattered my office's new-hire sales records and made a name for himself in the company just a few days after he started working. When Jon sets a goal, nothing can stop him from achieving it. His work ethic and leadership skills would be a valuable asset to any organization. It is with utmost pleasure that I submit my recommendation of Jon Parker.

Dan Taylor, Branch Manager at Vector Marketing

Recharged Solutions efficiently responded to issues as they came up, going above and beyond to find solutions while maintaining a positive attitude.

Donna Arias, Program Director at Life of An Athlete & NHIAA

Working with Recharged Solutions is always a pleasure. Their progressive company will help you to succeed online and internally. I have worked with Recharged Solutions with multiple companies and endeavors. Not only do I recommend them again and again, I continue to use their services exclusively.

Dan Egan, Founder of Ski Clinics & Degan Media

What a relief to finally have my new site completed! My company is fully integrated into the cloud and Google Apps, which has streamlined by business immensely. Excellent work by the knowledgeable staff at Recharged Business Solutions!

Kent Rich, Creative Director at Granite River Studios

I used Recharged Business Solutions when I was first setting up my blogging website several years back. Jon was invaluable in helping me set up the site as it was my first foray into it all. Once it was set up and to my liking, I was handed the reigns and it all worked seamlessly!

Flash forward two years, and my site suddenly and without provocation stopped working. The banner for my website was truncated and none of the Customer service reps for our hosting site could do anything. Once again RBS came to save the day and Jon had it up and running in less than 30-minutes! Would highly recommend his services to anyone who lacks the time, patience, and knowledge to start their internet ventures!

Zach Rossignol, Travel Consultant

Jonathan at Recharged Business Solutions was there to help me get my business going. He was professional and intelligent. He knew what I needed as a new business and it was perfect. He is very reasonable in his price and so easy to work with. If I had any questions or concerns, he was always a phone call away. Thank you, Jon, from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and dedication.

Kelli Dawson, Owner at Dirty Pots

Recharged Business Solutions proved to be an excellent website and search marketing partner for projects we work on together. Thanks to Jon Parker and his team!

Chuck Sink, Owner at Chuck Sink Link

We would like to thank Jonathan and his team at Recharged Business Solutions. I don't think we could have found a more helpful, friendly and intelligent team to work with. We would highly recommend checking them out if you are in need of a professional website! Thanks again!

Mack Duval, Manager at Duval's Towing

Our e-commerce company suffered a massive DDOS attack, to the point where our server had no choice but to drop us as a client. We turned to Jonathan at Recharged Solutions and he paired us with a hosting company in the midwest which specializes in DDOS defense and security. Within 36 hours of the DDOS attack, our website was back running smoothly and better prepared for and protected than ever. The attack could have crippled us, but because of Jonathan's help, the damage we suffered was minimal. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jonathan and his staff at Recharged Solutions.

Chris O'Donnell, Manager at Instabill

Recharged Business Solutions has built me an AWESOME new website that even works well on mobile. They successfully got my google search results ranking high up on the first page that got me new leads.

Matt Rogers, Owner of Olde New England Landscape & Design

Recharged Solutions built up my google presence and my website that I am very pleased with the price and return on investment I have generated from the two. If you have a business that can benefit from being online they can definitely be the ones to help you.

Andrew Courtney, Owner of Red Hammer Builders

RBS made a local online presence for me which allowed my business to show up on Google and put me on the map which got me calls from new potential customers.

Todd Smith, Owner of Precision Marine and Powersports

We have been working with Recharged Business Solutions for a while now. They built our website, google ad campaign, and email newsletters. We have been generating so much business from the campaign we have run out of material to sell with certain products. The monthly email newsletter has also been working great, it has even landed work for the featured contractors mentioned in our newsletter!

Burton Outdoor Living Team

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