Traditional marketing isn’t nearly as scalable, controllable, or measurable as our systems. Every penny is measured, every lead tracked. 100% Guaranteed more quality leads each month or your money back.

How It Works

Grow At Whatever Speed You’d Like

Companies invest in our sales systems to gain almost complete control over their sales. It’s like having a throttle for your growth that enables you to grow at your optimal rate to avoid all the problems that come with growing too fast or slow.

The problem with traditional and word-of-mouth marketing is that it’s not very controllable. When sales depend on uncontrollable channels such as word of mouth then your business sales and growth becomes uncontrollable.

How Many New Customers Do You Want Each Month?

*These are real campaign results from current clients in 2018.


The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is the cost per each new lead. A lead is someone who is in the area you serve, searches for a relevant search phrase on Google to what you offer, sees your ad pop up at the top of the search results, clicks on it, reads the information on your website, then either gives you a call or reaches out online through your website forms.

Once your automated sales system is running profitably, we can double the number of new customers you generate each month by simply doubling your ad spend. Scalable, measurable down to the penny, controllable, and gives us the most amount of data which allows us to test messaging, offers, positioning, and other marketing strategy components.

We have advanced tracking that measures both call and online form leads 100% accurately.

Out Strategize Competitors
Increase Sales Opportunities
Manage Leads More Efficiently
Increase Your Closing Ratio

Clear Return On Investment
Streamline Team Efficiency
Easily Implement With Team
System Training & Support

How It Works

It’s like having a fleet of articifially intelligent sales experts who consistently generate new leads.

We Track Actual ROI. Not Estimated.

The reason we can 100% Guarantee Results is that because our system is built in a sequential order. It is basically like building blocks lined up in a row horizontally. Each block has a conversion rate of how many people go to the next block. These blocks combined are an online sales funnel which we build all the way to your bottom line for maximum ROI measurability.

Because each stage of your sales funnel is in order, we can easily see if any blocks/stages are underperforming. This is sometimes the case at the initial launch of new sales systems for our clients but we immediately make changes and optimize to reduce any bottlenecks. Bottlenecks are like leaky pipes in your business and our team uses your data to continually improve results.

How Valuable Is Each Customer?

It is crucial for us to understand the value of a customer. We use that to understand what we can spend to acquire new customers while remaining profitable. This gives us an initial target to aim for and then continually improve upon.

To find the average value per customer you can simply divide your revenue over the last 12 months by the number of new customers you served. If you have any major outliers such as a client who makes up over 50% of your business, you may want to not include them in average.

ARPA = Average Revenue Per Account | Churn = % of Customers Who Are Lost | LTV = Average Customer Lifetime Value


How’s Your Sales Performance?


If 5 quality leads reach out to your company how typically will become customers?

If you close 1 out of 3 quality leads then your closing ratio is 33%. Not bad but can be improved.

Now we can understand how many leads we need for any sales goal and the average value per lead. We use the average value per lead in your analytics tracking to gain even more powerful insights.

Most “marketing companies” stop here and your ROI remains a grey zone. Our sales system has the enables us to follow leads to your bottomline so you can see how your investment is working for you.

This is the future of marketing & sales.

How It Works

Grow Without Working More, So You Can Live More.


“Money is the result of the positive impact you make on other people’s lives.

We positively impact business owners by igniting their marketing and sales leveraging the latest technologies – and deliver this at the highest level of client experience & efficiency.”