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More Calls

With paid internet marketing services, we can specifically track all calls generated from our efforts so we can deliver your cost per new phone call and know what’s working the best.

Web Leads

Increase the number of leads who reach out through your website. We track all these submissions so we can understand your cost per new lead generated via online forms.

More Profit

We estimate your sales closing percentage, average revenue per sale, and average lifetime value per new customer so we can better understand your return on investment.

The Vehicle


The core foundation to all your marketing efforts is your website. WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms in the world and is a product by Google. Our NH web design team uses WordPress to deliver powerful sales-optimized websites that convert visitors into leads.

Sales Optimized
Mobile Optimized
Search Optimized
Speed Optimized

The Fuel


Just like a vehicle without fuel, a website that is launched then forgotten about won’t do much. It is important that once a site is launched we start on our internet marketing services to tap into hundreds of new customers doing Google searches for your services/products.

Measurable Results
Precise Targeting
Control Lead Volume
Fast Results

Over 3.4 billion Google searches per day.

82% of smartphone users say they use search to find a local business.

By 2018, calls to U.S. businesses from mobile search are expected to grow to 73 billion.


We strive to be the perfect balance of delivering world-class internet marketing services without the big agency price tag.

Our goal is to drive the most value per dollar invested out of any online marketing company in the U.S. That is why we focus our investments on programs, technologies, and systems that make us more valuable to our clients.


Featured Projects

Recharged Business Solutions drove over 2000 tracked leads for Burton Outdoor Living through Google marketing efforts.

Jack Burton, Owner

Steep Management has had over 15 requests for online demo’s and 10 of those came within two days after our email blast. We couldn’t be more pleased with the success that Jon and his team brought us.

Bob Ackland, Managing Partner

Recharged Solutions has delivered 120 new leads over the past two seasons to Wall & Paver Guyz. These leads were people searching for someone to complete their patio or retaining wall within a 30 mile radius.

Wall & Paver Guyz

Recharged Business Solutions significantly increased the number of new calls and emails we received through our website for those looking to hire someone to move their home. These emails and calls are from throughout New England.

Geddes Building Movers

Recharged Business Solutions delivers a clean and modern website to convert more visitors into leads. After launching new site almost 6 months ago there have been 32 leads who reached out through our contact form.

All American Walls & Pavers

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The Power of Online Marketing

Customers Find You

What if rather than you hunting down new customers, they would hunt down your business instead? What if as soon as someone had a need for your services or products your business could automatically appear in front of them. This would change the game, right? Welcome to Google Search Marketing.

Precise Targeting

Imagine only marketing to those who are interested in purchasing your services or products versus blasting a handful of neighborhoods with direct mail. Marketing directly to those who have a need for what your business offers is more precise therefore more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Advanced Tactics

A new lead is interested in what your business offers but gets caught up in life and forgets about your business. Weeks later when they are ready to make a decision they may or may not remember your company name. Why miss these opportunities? This is why we follow leads around the web with precise ads.

How soon will I see results?

First, we make your website a powerful asset that will convert more quality visitors into new leads. Launching your website may increase your online exposure a little bit but you will see the majority of results from our monthly internet marketing retainers which can take 30-90 days to start seeing increases in results.

How do you report my results?

Your reports will be delivered on a monthly basis using industry leading reporting programs. We create custom reports for our clients that highlight your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are lined up with accomplishing your primary and secondary goals. All our efforts are highly measurable and insightful.

Advanced features include building ecommerce online store, forums, online webinars, customizing plugin’s code, custom ordering forms, website automation, database projects, and API integrations. Any custom advanced WordPress development will be estimated and billed out on an hourly basis. The reason is because there are too many unforeseen variables such as different compatibility issues that result in curveballs for our team to overcome.

Do you have experience in my industry?

The way we approach new industries is diving in head first and doing a lot of research. Whether we have driven results or not in your industry we make sure to understand your industry and identify the best opportunities. If you are our first for a new industry you can expect quite a bit of extra time put into your project for FREE.

How does your pricing work?

We start with focusing on your website and making sure that it provides a great user-experience and is optimized for Google. Website investments are estimated/quoted depending on the nature of the project. Once your website is set up for success, we focus on search marketing efforts through a monthly retainer to increase your sales.

Why should I choose your team?

While other agencies are investing in entertainment and fancy offices, we are investing in the industry-leading tools and advanced systems to deliver the most value per dollar out of any internet marketing service and web design agency. As a team, we pledge to ignite your sales and deliver effective solutions by understanding your business needs.

Do you offer website support and maintenance?

We offer both support and maintenance packages to any websites we have built and clients of ours. If you are interested in becoming a client or updating your website then feel free to send us a message.

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High-Level Analysis of Online Presence
Reverse Engineering Your Competitors
Analyzing Your Google Map Results
Custom Keyword Ranking Report
Website User-Experience Audit
Expert Marketing Consultation

*Your privacy is important to us so we won’t share your email with any third parties.