What’s Been Holding You Back

The fuel for a business is sales. Therefore if your sales are controllable, so is your business – but also vice versa. Oddly enough, we’ve found that many businesses rely on relatively uncontrollable means of new business such as mainly relying on referrals. Can you right now double the number of new customers you generate next month with ease?

The difference between a good and great company is sales control. In order to have sales control you need a system that can attract and generate new leads for your business but that also has a throttle which you control. Then if you want to double the new customers you are generating next month, you just give it more throttle – you know, like a boat.

Having this level of sales control lets you level up your business faster and with far more confidence. When you have control over your sales, you unlock the ability to grow at your optimal rate which lets you skip over all the headaches and wasted time dealing with the problems that come with a business that is growing too slow or fast.

The Hidden Cost of Less Sales Control

How It Impacts Your Company

Missing Sales Opportunities Every Day
Less Investment Confidence
All The Problems of Growing Too Fast or Slow
Wasting Tons of Time Working Too Hard
Deal With Same Problems For Years

How It Impacts Your Life

Working More Hours Means Less Life
Missing Out on Living Your Best Life
Your Family Deserves Your Max Potential
Fewer Family Vacations & Time Together
Less Time for The Things You Enjoy

“A company simply cannot reach their max potential without a marketing and sales system. Some companies piece together excel sheets and other DIY solutions but pay for it big time in ways often they can’t even see. Other companies understand that in order for people to invest in them, they need to invest in themselves. These are the companies we love working with.”

– Jonathan Parker, CEO

Welcome To Our Cutting-Edge AutoROI System


Finally, Gain Full Control Over Your Sales

Since everything is sequential, we can easy determine inefficiencies that we can improve upon. Being able to measure each step of the customer journey enables us to streamline efforts, make each touchpoint more professional and consistent, and allow us to test out different changes to get real data insights.

Unlock Complete Sales Control

Imagine having a physical throttle that you can control and easily increase or decrease the number of new customers you generate each month. What is having this throttle really worth to you? Take a second to think about how having a sales throttle would upgrade your business thus upgrade your entire lifestyle.

Easily Attract New Sales Leads

ATTRACTED leads are higher quality as they have an immediate need and are actively searching for services you offer. All the old school tactics that everyone uses are much less effective then the marketing system we will install into the front end of your business. You’re going to love generating leads with ease.

Convert & Close More Sales

What most “marketing” and “web” companies fail to acknowledge is the full marketing and sales process. Sending a ton of leads to an inefficient sales system just causes larger issues and more team stress. Our system helps streamline this entire process and makes new sales opportunities easily manageable.

Understand Your Actual Return

Better data means more profitable decisions. Our marketing and sales systems are fully integrated so that we can track every step of your customer experience and run accurate tests to further improve any bottlenecks and boost results. Say goodbye to the days of making decisions without the data to back it up.

Marketing/Sales Performance

A major grey zone that can be an ROI leak is deciphering between lead quality and sales performance. If low-quality leads are coming in then the sales team is set up for failure but if great leads are coming in and not being handled correctly then you can tell where the issue is with our fully integrated AutoROI System.

Consistent & Scalable Growth

Consistency and controllability over your sales will allow you to more quickly scale up your business without it requiring longer days. That is the beauty of building an automated marketing + sales system that your team can easily learn and excel with. This is the difference between a good and great company.

Built For Businesses Who Want to Dominate

Land More & Better Jobs

Landscape Supply
Patio Installers
Insulation Companies
Plumbing Companies
HVAC Companies
Paving Companies
Tree Experts

We also serve many B2B companies and Non-Profits with similar yet custom tailored solutions. Our team constantly is pushing every solution we deliver to the maximum level through continuous testing and improvements. Due to this, our solutions apply very well to other industries outside of who we had initially built them for. After working with 8-9 digit B2B businesses and top 50 non-profits in the US, our team learned how to tailor our marketing and sales system to drive results for many local service businesses, b2b companies, ecommerce, and non-profits.


How Many New Customers Do You Want This Month?

The image below shows our marketing funnel and executive overview data we deliver to clients on a weekly or monthly basis. As you can see every penny is tracked and we can clearly see the results we are driving.

Impressions = Local Exposure | Clicks = Quality Potential Leads | Conversions = New Leads Attracted | CPA = Cost Per New Lead Gained


*These are real campaign results from current clients in 2018.

The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is the cost per each new lead. A lead is someone who is in the area you serve, searches for a relevant search phrase on Google to what you offer, sees your ad pop up at the top of the search results, clicks on it, reads the information on your website, then either gives you a call or reaches out online through your website forms.

Once your automated sales system is running profitably, we can double the number of new customers you generate each month by simply doubling your ad spend. Scalable, measurable down to the penny, controllable, and gives us the most amount of data which allows us to test messaging, offers, positioning, and other marketing strategy components.

We have advanced tracking that measures both call and online form leads 100% accurately.

Out Strategize Competitors
Increase Sales Opportunities
Manage Leads More Efficiently
Increase Your Closing Ratio

Clear Return On Investment
Streamline Team Efficiency
Easily Implement With Team
System Training & Support

Recharged Business Solutions drove over 2000 tracked leads for Burton Outdoor Living through Google marketing efforts.

Jack Burton, Owner

Steep Management has had over 15 requests for online demo’s and 10 of those came within two days after our email blast. We couldn’t be more pleased with the success that Jon and his team brought us.

Bob Ackland, Managing Partner

Recharged Solutions has delivered 120 new leads over the past two seasons to Wall & Paver Guyz. These leads were people searching for someone to complete their patio or retaining wall within a 30 mile radius.

Wall & Paver Guyz

Recharged Business Solutions significantly increased the number of new calls and emails we received through our website for those looking to hire someone to move their home. These emails and calls are from throughout New England.

Geddes Building Movers

Recharged Business Solutions delivers a clean and modern website to convert more visitors into leads. After launching new site almost 6 months ago there have been 32 leads who reached out through our contact form.

All American Walls & Pavers

How We Guarantee Results Or Money Back

What if this doesn’t work for my business? If things aren’t working even in the first week, our team would determine which component was causing issues and immediately make changes. All changes are tested and backed by data so that all decisions are black and white. We constantly test, measure, and improve your results so there really is no such thing as our AutoROI System not working. But, in any case, we would refund you 100% of your investment with us if it didn’t generate more leads for you.