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Hired in May 2017, Top National Rankings

Top National Rankings

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Based in NH, we help businesses nationwide increase sales by capitalizing on missed online opportunities. Our clients start generating new business within the first two weeks when they invest in our profit-driven internet marketing services.

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WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms in the world and is a product by Google. Our NH Web Design team delivers powerful local business websites that convert visitors to leads.

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Our Google Internet Marketing Services are precise, effective, consistent, and measurable. This is how local service companies leverage the power of Google to connect with local homeowners.

Supercharged Website

Local Maps Exposure

Immediate Results (PPC)

Long-Term Results (SEO)

Advanced Lead Tracking

Customer Reviews System

Our Internet Marketing Service Process

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Your Goals










Internet Marketing Precision

Relevant & Profitable Keywords

We target the most profitable keyword opportunities discovered through keyword research and existing campaign data we have to drive the most amount of profit for your local home service business.

Targeting Based on Geography

Our team takes the time to learn your goals and company reach. We then build your campaign to focus precisely on the geographic areas that are most profitable for you to do business within.

Retargeting Web Visitors

Your new campaign will generate hundreds or thousands of quality potential leads. Those who don’t immediately reach out to you, we will keep engaged with your brand through our remarketing efforts.

Sales-Drive Approach

New Phone Calls

With any paid internet marketing service, we can specifically track all calls generated from our efforts which then allows us to deliver your exact cost per new phone call and know what’s working the best.

Online Form Submissions

Some leads prefer to reach out through your websites online forms. When they do so, we track all these submissions so we can understand your cost per new lead generated via online forms.

Estimating Return On Investment

For a local home service company we help determine your closing percentage of new leads, average revenue per sale, and lifetime value of a new customer for when you WOW them with your service.

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